Too Close For Justifiable Comfort, or Spot On!

It looks as if the good guy will win his reasonable defense. However, was it close?

Thoughts on this scenario please.

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Wow. That was really great procedure - wait for the moment. That couldn’t be played better.
This scenario could be used in any CCL training, how to manage life threatening situation.

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In other news I love your Emoji (very cool)

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This is going to boil down to what the NC laws are regarding deadly force. In my state, I am allowed to use deadly force in defense of another. In this case the citizen fired when the assailants turned their attention to the store clerk. If they were waving the gun in the face of the clerk like they did to the citizen then I believe he would be justified under NH law. If NC allows deadly force only for self-defense then I think he could be on shaky ground. At the time he shot, the threat was directed at the clerk, not on him. Personally, I think he was justified.

Similar one happened in VA Beach last week. It looks like no charges on that one either but the CCW holder screwed up and told the clerk “Nobody point’s a gun at me and gets away with it.” That could have been a bad thing for the CCW holder.




I live in Florida, as soon as he pointed a gun at either of us he made whatever I did justifiable.