Pawn Shop Robbery

Have you seen the pawn shop/gun shop robbery, where the shooter was inspecting an AR then suddenly pulled out a loaded magazine? I would be interested in knowing an attorney’s opinion as to when deadly force would be justified to counter the threat.

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Wow - I’m sure there will be varying responses depending on what is actually being discussed between the employee and the guy who stole the gun.

Lethal can be used in most states when there’s imminent, unavoidable danger of death or grave bodily harm. That happens when he chambers the rifle, but could possibly be before if he’s obviously off balance.

My first thought was, why isn’t the second employee calling 911?

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Or the first employee for that matter…mind the door from cover or concealed position and dial.

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The glory of hindsight - with that in mind - while he was distracted with the conversation I probably would draw down and if made any attempt to drop the weapon I would have shot.

As I said the glory of hindsight and being in the comfort of my own home allows this response.


You put a loaded magazine into a gun, in this situation and you’ve already showed me intent.


Once that magazine came in to view, I think I would have put sights on the “customer.”


FLEE!!! Call 911 if possible.