Today, 198 out of 203 democrats voted against a law to ban illegals from voting

Remember THAT when you vote in November.
Traitors all.


I would not in a million years have thought that in my life time this would even come up for a vote in congress. They aren’t from here, done deal.


The democrats that voted against make me want to wretch. Certainly calls them out… they want the illegal invasion of our country.


It is already illegal for illegal aliens to vote in Federal elections. This just makes it much more difficult to register to vote and scrub many many people from the voting rolls. Registering to vote would be akin to applying for a US passport - providing documents to prove your citizenship, which would mean that many low income US citizens would have difficulty providing that proof, and therefore be scrubbed from the voting rolls or denied the right to vote. (And as you know, these low income voters typically vote Democrat more than Republican). So, this is just another attempt suppress Democratic vote, like requiring driver’s license or state ID, not just signature.


Straight up line of B.S. They have ID’s, they get them for free. Lumping “Low Income” voters into the Democrat heap is ridiculous. This is an attempt to stop people that are not here legally from voting, if the targeted demo votes more for Democrats to bad, they shouldn’t be voting.


you missed the point. the targeted demographic is low income US citizens, not illegal immigrants.

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I bet you a dollar that if an ID is required to claim a Lotto win they will suddenly cough up an ID card. That approved ID will suddenly not be a problem at all.

ID cards are free and easily obtained. If somebody can be driven to the store, they can find their way to the DMV. Any other argument is disingenuous and frankly suspect.


I’ll believe it when I see it, and right now I’m not believing it because it goes against what he have seen from democRATS for years ow.


It doesn’t seem that difficult, to me, to get an ID card.

And then look what hoops so many Americans have to jump through to get a permission slip to exercise their “Right” to keep and bear arms.



I’m sorry, are we shocked?!?!?!?!?!?!?

The MAIN purpose of opening the border was to get millions of New Democrat voters to come in!!! The secondary purpose is to create pandemonium and a massive national crime wave so the sheep will SCREAM and PLEAD for security from their government allowing them to disarm ALL of us in the process.

The next step is to start privatizing Law Enforcement (Jails are already on their way) so the government has oversight over the function but ZERO accountability. So who knew that the movie “Robocop” was actually a future looking documentary…

It is THE ENTIRE plan for survival and power grabbing of the Democrat Party in the USA.


Poor people don’t have birth certificates that are issued by the state they live in? My wife and I both do. We did not suddenly have them magically appear when we were no longer poor. I don’t know where you live, but it isn’t in the real world.




Look Folk’s
My take is this. They see WE SEE the Puddin’ is spoiled. Done! Finito!
EVERYDAY he gets worse and worse. People who’ve been ASLEEP are waking up to this ‘NEW FOUND DISASTER’ of a walking Cadaver! ‘WE’VE been duped’ they say! For over (4) years (this didn’t happen over night this decline. Yet they Parrot the party line ‘He’s more vigorous, He does more in a day’…Horse hockey!
The Demon’s NEED something, Someone to step up to replace this Geratric Nightmare but just look at them… Who? :cricket: :cricket: :cricket: :cricket: :cricket: :cricket: :cricket: :cricket: :cricket: Each one is worse than the other.
So, ipso facto they are relying on the ‘TRUE BLUE’ Dem’s who’d vote for a dead guy! (they just did in 2020)
‘Weekend @ Biden’s’ flick all over again.
If they FLOOD the Pole’s with these ILLEGAL votes, promise them EVERYTHING and the kitchen sink! They COULD pull it off… Not really, but that’s what they think.
If a huge ‘Black Swan EVENT’ happens this month, all bets are off for an Election in the next 100+ days…

Mi dos Centavos


The latest conspiracy theory (I’m just making it up) is that the dems know they will have to create more votes than they have people to manipulate them, so they have to get Joe out, fast, or he will drag the whole party down. They will make him offers he can’t refuse, like threaten to surface proof of his criminal deeds. The wolves (his elite friends and acquaintances) are already circling his wounded carcass.


They tried to threaten him by stating they would kill his family, but he didn’t have the mental acuity to understand. So they are left with killing him or incapacitating him, but that would make cackles president. She is the insurance policy, as biden was under obama, keeping the president safe. The only thing left is massive election fraud.


One way or another, they’ll get rid of him, even at the risk of installing the cackler. He’s become a liability to the entire party. You know what they do with liabilities.


Today the vote, tomorrow they will be the the ones that will fill shortages in recruitment in our Armed Forces and Police as a means to citizenship. In the meantime they will do anything and everything they are told. These Non citizens will be in a position to do the bidding of their superiors, and they won’t care, they’re not citizens but mercenaries. Yes, there will be exceptions, but I’m concerned not enough. Look at the attacks on our loyal veterans. What’s up with our government ignoring our Veterans and embracing illegal immigrants. Let me say I support T2T and Wounded Warriors. But it makes me sick that these organizations need exist to help our Veterans; yet Billions are being spent on those whose only contribution is breaking into our country illegally. This should make us all sick!


Folk’s, A Black Swan Event (BSE for those following @ home :crazy_face:)

WILL solve all these issues.

The Grand Poo-Ba has spoken Woooooo Woooooooooooooooooooo!


Help Mr. Wizard!


I ain’t no wizard Brother
I’m a Water Buffalo! (Grand Poo-Ba/Flintstones)