UNCENSORED: Election Fraud Exposed

This was just posted on Tucker Carlson Network. I’m a paid subscriber and you should be too. The only way you can watch it is by being a paid subscriber. Well the information is WAY TOO IMPORTANT to let this slip by. So here is what was said! READ THIS for the TRUTH of the 2020 “election”. C.L.
It’s now apparently a criminal offense, a felony in this country, to suggest the 2020 presidential campaign was not on the level. That crime appears to form the basis of one of Donald Trump’s pending indictments. He’s an election denier. But actually it’s worth denying the legitimacy of that election because it was not fair. Critical information was withheld from voters through censorship and yes, by the government. That is a fact. It’s also a fact that Mark Zuckerberg spent $400 million to control voting in various places around the country and affect the outcome. That’s not legitimate. It was also conducted in many places through electronic voting machines, and no country should ever use electronic voting machines because fundamentally they cannot be trusted. Why would you trust it? But then there’s the question of outright cheating. Voter fraud. Was there voter fraud? Well, we know there was some. But was it widespread? That is a hard allegation to prove, though of course, many people believe there was widespread fraud. Well, now it turns out we know for a fact that there was.

Nuff Said…

Where We Go 1 We Go All


At least this cycle we don’t have to worry about mail in ballots!
Joe invited all his voters in from around the world, paid/bribed half the college population and dead people will still cast a vote!
This is more akin to me fighting Mike Tyson, and the announcer calls me as the winner by knockout while people around the world look shocked, as I lay face down on the canvas! How do you overturn that call!

Look at me on the canvas, I’m winning! That’s the world we’re living in!

I could vote three times, and every AMERICAN REPUBLICAN could vote twice and I guarantee you we will still lose 2024! No matter how the vote takes place or doesn’t take place due to some “black swan” event, we’re going to lose in an unfair fight! They have this all cinched up!


Well, Mr. Cheerful and Brite!
If that is truly the case
Then Me Mr. Positivity and Light will ‘GET MY BOOTS DIRTY’ one last time
before I knock on da Pearly Gates!
Not being a Hard Azz but I want to leave this mortal Coil with a WIN!
And fighting the Devils ‘A’ Team is just the way I want to go out.

Where We Go 1 We Go All


Thank Don, for sharing the article. What jumped out to me was: "That’s a massive story. But the biggest story is, can we trust the media at all to tell us the truth, or to even bother to ask questions when an important story like this comes up? And I think the answer is obviously, as you know, and as many of your viewers now know, we can’t. And how can you have a free society like that?"


FREE SOCIETY? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
We’re not free
We are Over ruled
Over regulated
Threatened by our own .gov Alphabets
FORCED to get .gov approved 'Permits and Licenses on a GOD GIVEN RIGHT

We are one shaky step away from Total Control, Marxist/Socialism

Joe Stalin would be so proud!
(4) more years, (4) more years! The Media is the least of our problems, At least WE KNOW it’s FAKE!

Have a great day Edward! :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:



I am paragraphing for clarity as this is excerpts from the written text of the interview, which was less than 11 minutes.

Justin Haskins [00:01:35] Sure. So it was pretty straightforward. We asked people, a series of questions. The first of which is or one of the first questions was, did you vote in, the 2020 election? And did you vote with an absentee ballot?

And if they answered yes to both of those questions, then we asked a bunch of questions related to voter fraud. We didn’t tell them that they were that we were asking, did you commit voter fraud? We just asked them about various behavior.

So, for example, we asked, people, did you vote in a state where you’re no longer a legal resident? That’s a pretty straightforward question. If you’re not a permanent resident of a state, you can’t vote there. 17% of people, nearly 1 in 5 said yes, they did do that.

We asked people, did you fill out a ballot for someone else on their behalf? That’s also illegal. You’re not allowed to fill out someone else’s ballot. 21% of people said yes to that question.

We asked if people forged the signature of a friend or family member on their behalf, with or without their permission. We actually put that in the poll question, and 17% of people said yes to that. So all told, it’s at least and I say at least 1 in 5 Mail-In ballots involved some kind of fraudulent activity.

But we didn’t just stop there. We also asked everyone whether they voted via mail in ballot or not. So in-person voting as well. Do you know anyone who personally in your personal life, a friend, a family member, acquaintance? Someone from work? Has anyone ever admitted to you that they did one of these kinds of forms of voter fraud? And 10% and 11%.

We asked two different questions on that said yes. People admitted to me that they committed voter fraud. And so when you take 1 in 5, if we just take the 1 in 5 Mail-In ballots could be related to fraud, and you apply that to the numbers of the 2020 election, which included more mail in voting than at any point in the history of the United States of America. What you end up with is potentially 13 million fraudulent mail in ballots.

And, to put that in perspective, Donald Trump lost the election in the popular vote by about 7 million ballots. So this is a massive, massive story. If it if this poll is reflective of reality, it is proof that the 2020 election results can’t be trusted.

But actually, what we found was that the voter fraud was, about equal between self-identified Republicans and Democrats. However, and this is really important to keep in mind, we don’t have enough data to statistically, determine that that’s an a really solid, accurate result because you’re now digging really deep into the polling data and the sample size is getting smaller and smaller.

But let’s say that’s true. And it was equal, let’s say Democrats and Republicans committed fraud at equal rates. Actually, that’s not the most important consideration because Joe Biden depended extremely heavily on Mail-In ballots, even if the fraud were equal between Republicans and Democrats. It would hurt Joe Biden. It would not hurt Donald Trump in terms of his ability to win elections.

So, assuming the fraud was equal between Republicans and Democrats, if you just take the poll and you apply it to the election data that we have about the 2020 election, Donald Trump would win in all six of the swing states that he lost to Joe Biden in 2020, which means the wrong person is in the white House right now if this poll is accurate.

[…] Pennsylvania, for example, the ratio was something like 70% to 20 something percent in favor of Joe Biden. So without those ballots, Joe Biden would not win that.

[In regard to mail-in ballots] […] in a state where the election is split pretty close to 50/50. You might see slight variations in voting behavior based on party affiliation in the past. That’s something that we’ve seen, but we’ve never seen anything like a 70/30 split, 75/25 split. You just don’t see that.

[…] We should be launching investigations. The sad thing about all of this is that the mainstream press doesn’t care. They don’t even care enough to talk about it, to refute it. They don’t care because they got the result that they wanted, which was Joe Biden in the white House. And anyone who dared to ask questions about that has been labeled a conspiracy theorist, an insurrectionist, a person who doesn’t deserve to have a platform of any kind.


That’s what I’ve been saying for almost four years now, the election was fraudulent. I watched the results go backward in the middle of the night. Counted votes DON’T GO BACKWARDS!!!

This does not require you to be a rocket scientist to understand, and this is why I chose my icon. America is IN DISTRESS!


Banana Republic is an American upscale clothing and accessories retailer owned by The Gap.

In politics, banana republic pretty much describes the current administration.


“Does the investigation confirm that there are missing ballot images?”


Case closed. No cover up operation can conceal the fact that Fulton County did not have the votes it claimed it had. The recount could not replicate the original results.


It is also ironic that they stated they only subpoenaed the recount images. Shouldn’t the recount images reflect the images from the votes cast on election day? They stated they had about 518,000 ballot images from the recount, but were missing 380,761 ballot images from election day. That’s a significant loss of “data”, and interestingly, Biden received 381,144 votes; Trump received 137,240 votes out of 524,659 votes cast, with 806,451 registered voters (65.46%). No fraud to be seen here. :sunglasses:

Fulton County 2020 Election Results


You’ve been paying attention.


More on Georgia voter fraud.
The Republic remains under assault to this day.


well said don

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I understnd your concerns—Election Fraud Issues.
What you have here is a stacked deck AGAINST President Trump.
But the American (popular to the the Demoncrats belief ARE NOT STUPID)
When gas is high, Outrageous Lawfare, Reckless Spending—Which leads to Ginormous INFLATION !.
and then their Deep State Cronies trying to PUSH everything 'Lectric on us isn’t working.
If you have to buy a new(used) vehicle you have to in order to exist. But the .gov OUTLAWING Gas cars to buy an outrageously unreliable/dangerous car goes against EVERYTHING we stand for and Crooked Joe doesn’t get that. Resident McSniffy Pants is DANGEROUS because he is MENTALLY UNSTABLE and the America Voters SEE this.
I’ve said this many times here THERE WILL BE NO ELECTION. It will all IMPLODE way before then.
All the LAWFARE isn’t working
The Border is wide open
The Economy is tanking
Withholding Arms from Israel was the worst thing he could have done
(Recently ) because he appeased the Far Left Terrorists in our .gov.
This will all backfire before the Election.
And IF the Election is actually held and they try to steal it again
THAT would be it (in my mind) I picture REVOLUTION in the Streets.
The United States of America cannot stand another (4) years of these Deep State Azzh8les!
This country and it’s Citizenry are wracked by FEAR! Fear of the Alphabets, Fear of the Invasion Force,
Fear of having their firearms confiscated…and on and on and on.
We’ve LOST our Identity!
This Administration is so desperate to hold onto the Power they will DESTROY US to keep it.

We are in the eye of the Shite-Storm! and The backend of this is about to hit!

Mi dos pesos

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You see clearly my friend.


This is something I disagree with. Best with me, put down the tar and feathers.

I don’t think Pudding Pants is evil at all. I believe he is what we used to call a useful idiot. He is the public face to a bunch of faceless, bureaucratic activists, who do not have the intestinal fortitude to associate themselves with these disastrous policies. Do we really believe that an 80+ gives a good blasted minute about Gas Stoves, desecrating Easter by pushing alternative life style protections, or any of the dozens upon dozens and even hundreds of fiat declarations that have come from under his administrations imprimatur. They gas him up, get him hyped up for about an hour and that’s it. The rest is the machine at work.

I believe that the most serious decision he has each day is does he want his pea’s pureed or steamed and possibly can he have ice cream.

Pudding is just the useful idiot.


Well I agree to a lot of that My Good Sir.
Especially Useful Idiot.
These people are all useful idiots …‘Puppets’ to the Cabal/Deep State (Same same to me)
A Career Bureaucrat was never meant to exist when they drew up the plans creating this country.
You did a bit (Service) and then you GOT OUT ! Not sucking on the .gov tit till you die like the
fermented Pudding, Peelousy, etc.
The best politicians are no politicians at all like Trump. A Businessman who is also a Patriot.
He wants to right this ship and get out. That’s it. Is he perfect? No, who is? I’m surely not how can
I expect anyone else to be?. That’s the problem today. People (even on this site) Blame
ridicule his past policies/actions 'He’s anti 2A, he did this he did that Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Suck it up buttercups. Was life way better when he sat in the Big Chair? You bet your ass. (even if you really don’t want to admit it to yourself). Nobody’s perfect.
Boden is a SHILL. An Empty Suit and the debates (if they ever happen will prove it). He can’t do a (14) second promo without editing. He will Implode all by himself. And once Trump gets going will rile the old codger up where the American people will see he’s just a sad old Dementia patient who should be in Memory Care.
This right here is just a cycle.
Al Empires eventually crash and Burn
This is our Rome
(anyone have a spare fiddle?)


How does dangerous idiot strike you?