Impeaching the President, Investigating a real crime or trying to undo the 2016 election?

I keep hearing about the Impeachment of our President and after a week of research of different sites I’m hearing more evidence of wrong doing by the Democratic Left, burying evidence, ignoring evidence etc.
a few people have suggested this is A “soft Coup” because President Trump won the 2016 Election and he is an outsider in Washington and because the President won’t bow down to the Media they are complicit in the current Impeachment inquiry and are doing everything they can to spread false information and help the Left,
I want to hear your opinions.

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Not sure. So much misinformation & honestly I don’t know what to believe. I imagine the President is not guilty of all he’s accused of or as innocent as he portrays himself to be. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again… If he can be investigated (he’s not above the law like his lawyers argued allegedly), than so can every politician & government official. Sin is sin; evil is evil… There is no air conditioned section of Hell. :v:t5:

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Maybe I’m just jaded but I think that most impeachment campaigns are motivated by the desire to overturn election results. And as a by-the-way, sometimes there is substance in the accusation also. Certainly the public call and agitation for impeachment is about overturning elections, a sort of revenge-seeking tantrum.

I also think you don’t get to the presidential level of politics or the multi-millionaire level of business without having a skeleton or two in your closet.


That, right there.^^^^^^^^

The way our political and financial systems have come to work, there is no way to reach the upper echelons without getting dirty one way or another. People at the top surround themselves with lawyers so they can at least TRY to tread the very thin and shifting line of dirty dealing that is still technically legal. I think a small percentage of that sort of activity is unavoidable at those levels, but much of it is simply expedient and profitable.

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I agree with you completely.

However, contrasting this impeachment effort to those against Clinton, Nixon and Andrew Johnson, I think this attempt is more to overturn a previous election than to prosecute illegalities. I know others disagree.


Or C) Avoiding doing any real work and wasting time and money in the hopes of turning Independents into Dem’s for next election cycle.

Most don’t realize but 2020 may be for all the marbles as far as the future of the US goes. Census and elections means redistricting. = Control for next 10 years. If we were impeaching for quid pro quo Oboma would have been impeached for Oboma care for the deal he made with either Nebraska or Kansas senators where there states wouldn’t have to pay in exchange for their votes.

Let’s say he gets impeached, does it get past a Republican Senate, does Mike Pence pardon him. If either of those happen it’s as if it never happened.

Even Clinton’s impeachment was a joke. Let’s stop all the bickering, put on our adult pants and let’s adult. Let’s get our failing infrastructure fixed, let’s start repairing some of the damage to our international reputation, let’s concentrate on real substantive issues.

One thing Trump is absolutely right on is China is our enemy. Instead of chasing cheap labor overseas. Let’s chase it here in North, South, and Central America and the Caribean. Who knows maybe we make some friends here and slow down the waves of immigration, because now there’s no reason to leave.

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Interesting, Trump could be impeached, removed from office, and still win re-election in 2020:

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