Fascinating Politics - It's Really Happening Here

For years I’ve followed politics from local to world wide. I spent a bit of time looking at politics in South America. I could never figure out how they would elect a leader then a few years latter they would elect another leader and throw the current leader in prison, take all of his stuff and decimate his family. It was always under the guise of “he committed terrible crimes before or while he was in office”. While members of the opposing party did exactly the same things they were blaming the current administration for. I would never really see a real trial or any adjudication, pretty much snatch him up on his last day in office and off to the prison cell.
Fast forward to current events, here we are, the last President of The United States may be arrested for crimes he allegedly committed while running for office. “We’ve investigated and found wrong doing…”. His wife and kids dragged through the mud, his businesses attacked by Government agencies. And it’s all predicated on he’s a criminal. While members of the oposition party (Hillary Emails, Joe Classified Documents etc.) are doing exactly what they are charging the President with. I’m afraid we’ve turned into a Banana Republic.


A local DA wants to advance his career by indicting a former president on a charge of mis-categorizing money he spent to shut up a porn star. Say what you will about The Donald, but there’s a reason we’ve never opened this can of worms, before. I’m afraid this will be a new normal, and will be one more reason for otherwise qualified people to avoid running for office.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Epstein’s client list has still not been released.


There’s a psychological war in which the majority of one side doesn’t even know they’re at war and ridicule those that do as conspiracy theorists while being blindly obedient to the enemy.


It will get much worse before it gets better. If it ever does. :thinking:


I don’t follow Politics just what is in the news and not that close. I don’t think trump will go to trial because it would set a precedence of looking at politicians too closely and we wouldn’t have anyone to run. It’s not like he committed war crimes or killed innocent people.


Suspect there are too many powerful people on that list currently in DC and various corporate boardrooms who have a direct interest in not letting that information get out.

Also strongly suspect that the many legal cases against Trump, whether legitimate or not, are one of the prime reasons he is running again. He can likely divert a lot of the campaign money he raises to his legal defense fund. Equally suspect the threat of legal consequences is a key factor in why Biden is running again as well. It will be very helpful to have pardon powers when his family finally starts to face some legal consequences for the all the corruption and other crimes they have allegedly been involved in.


I understand your point and agree to a certain extent but also feel it might be beneficial if the actions of many politicians were looked into a lot more closely.


I agree, but I go back and forth on this. Ideally, politicians would all be held to the same standard, the laws would make sense, and justice would be applied equally. I don’t believe any of these three statements are true. Politics corrupts everything it touches, including our justice system.

I can truthfully say that if Mr. Trump violated a law, he should be held accountable. At the same time, I can truthfully say that I don’t believe the New York DA is concerned about the integrity of the justice system. That may sound contradictory, but I think both can be true. We can screw up both sides at the same time.


I think what it boils down to is we all want to point fingers but nobody wants to take the blame well, not all


The 'WITCH HUNT" continues.


Ultimately it comes down to a couple of things and I am not saying it did or did not happen.

  1. it is a misdemeanor in New Yorks laws

  2. it is outside of the statute of limitations.

I don’t know whether he did it or not. Not My Circus :circus_tent:, Not My Clowns. :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face: issue. My issue is the law. That’s the rules that were passed. You don’t get to change the law to suite a political agenda.

We are all equal under the law. Supposedly.

We do not have a 2 tier justice system. Or at least we are not supposed to.


along with bobo biden, bill clinton, the evil (w)itch billlary, piglousy.
I could continue but y’all know what I’m saying


I know what you’re saying. I don’t know if you are implying something.


Makes one wonder why any sane individual would seek elected office, absent those who seek a government job for life (i.e., Congressmen).


I gave up on that long ago. Anyone seeking high office has mental issues. No sane person would submit themselves to our electoral process to get a job like that.


Power, Control, Wealth…


This country is in benthic excrement.


We have to hit bottom before we can bounce up. I cannot predict the future. If we have a clear expectation of what we want we can achieve it.


seeing how this is a public forum. I’m going to just say. MAYBE I AM BUT, THEN AGAIN MAYBE I’M NOT


Interestingly enough, the grand jury has been told to stay home for the past two days.
Just as an outside observer, it’ll be interesting to see what they do. Either way, it’s going to cause major ripples.

Here’s a recent article, more speculation than fact. But apparently, the DA has never been too keen on this case. He pressed forward with it because other people were writing books accusing him of being soft on Trump.
Trump hush-money grand jury proceedings ‘canceled’ for Wednesday, sources say | Fox News

This one is just an opinion piece, but it has a very interesting bit of info. This whole case hangs on the testimony of Michael Cohen, the former lawyer for Trump who now makes rounds on the anti-Trump talk shows. Cohen’s own former attorney, Robert Costello, testified before the grand jury this past Monday and basically said that Cohen has been lying. I’m curious if this is why the grand jury hasn’t met since Monday.
The sudden turn of events that could derail Trump’s indictment | Fox News