What a time to be alive

Unless you rely on smoke signals or morse code to get your information, you probably heard that President Donald J. Trump was “found” guilty on 34 counts of felony falsification of business records.

Here’s a couple of basic facts about the “trial”:

  • The “prosecutor” that brought the charges against Trump is one of George Soros’ “progressive prosecutor” program’s poster children named Alvin Bragg.

Funded, supported and endorsed by Soros’ “Color of Change” political arm, Bragg campaigned for election boasting that he was going to target the Left’s #1 opponent, Donald Trump.

  • The “trial” was not conducted before a jury of Donald Trump’s “peers.”

It has been argued by legal scholars that it should be nearly impossible to conduct a trial against a former president because a “jury of their peers” does not exist.

That aside, Trump’s team argued that his trial should at least be moved to a different venue than downtown Manhattan, as the jury pool potential by party registration was roughly 90% Democrat to 10% Republican.

That motion, of course, was denied by the Democrat-controlled NY court of appeals.

  • The prosecution’s star witness was Michael Cohen, reportedly a proven liar who Trump’s defense team noted had “lied to both Houses of Congress, federal judges, state judges and family.”

From all appearances, Trump’s “conviction” represents a total bastardization of due process and Constitutional protections, and it was done so at the highest and most public level in American history.

So what does this mean for you and me? How do we fight back against this kind of a political operation that is so committed to destroying America from within?

Those are great questions.

The fact is, the problems before us are cultural in magnitude, complex in nature, multi-faceted and compounding. No single answer that could be suggested can solve all of them.

But one part of the solution that is true without question is this: the American people must NOT let themselves be willingly disarmed by any “government.”

The same people targeting President Trump are assuredly targeting people like you and me. They are attacking everything that is good and right and wonderful.

They hate you, they hate our nation, they hate our Constitution, they hate our national heritage, they hate freedom and they hate Christianity.

These people are wicked and evil, and they 100% do not “at the end of the day have everyone’s best interests at heart.”

That’s why they do not “play by the rules.”

Their only rule is to achieve total political power, and they will do whatever is necessary to get it and keep it.

Have you ever yelled “THEY CAN’T DO THAT!” at your television or phone?

Most people who do usually assume that there are “rules” to politics that each side has to follow.

Tyranny’s proponents do not follow rules.

And “our side,” referred to by many as the “Republican Party,” either hasn’t figured that out yet or have already been corrupted and are personally benefitting from not fighting back against this evil.

Heck, many of them refuse to even acknowledge that nations across the globe are emptying their prisons, shipping them to our southern borders and invading America by the millions.

That’s another reason why we need to keep our guns.

And this brings me to my next point: we cannot effectively fight back against this political tyranny and growing invasion and defeat it in an individual capacity.

We are stronger together than we are separately.

Our Founding Fathers proved that, and when it comes to state-level gun politics, we’ve proven that here at Ohio Gun Owners, too.

Our only chance to stay free and fight off the age-old enemies of freedom as a state and nation is if we keep our guns.

And that’s why I’m glad you are standing with us in our effort to defend, protect and advance our gun rights here at Ohio Gun Owners.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners


Out of curiosity, where can I go to check this fact?

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If true, I must ask, Where are the Right Wing Koch Brother DA’s?


sorry I can’t remember the site but, I do remember It was a legal analyst…this was also an email from ohio gun owners


You don’t get out much do you? :smile:


He has said he’s not a political guy.
Until 4 years ago, I avoided politics like the plague.
Now I find it essential to follow, since it affects my life more and more with each passing day.


Ya… I have been here as long as he has, so… :slightly_smiling_face:




I won’t launch into a long diatribe about this…don’t be sad :sob:
Just this: Mister Soros daddy was captured and sent to Siberia fighting the Russians
in WW1. In turn Soros the son has a great hatred for said Russians and has heavily invested
in Ukraine vs. Russia NOT because he has a passion for Ukraine people but anybody
with a beef against Russia he’ll support them.
It is a know fact that he has $Installed$ (120) DA’s, Judges and Politicians (all extreme LEFTIES
because he KNOWS the Left is WEAK and Corruptible. He is aligned w/ Obama the Nigerian Boy Lover and that alliance has combined to a great HATRED of all things America.
The dismantling of our values, Traditions and Rights is their goal. No more Freedom, Constitution, 2A, or anything the Founding Fathers set up for us and died/sacrificed for.
He created the NWO: NEW WORLD ORDER. He and Klaus Schwab (A NAZI) plan this Violent takeover of America. Hence the Open Border Invasion, The renewed Hostilities in the Middle East, The Decimation of the Jews and the resurgence of Hatred in America (White on Black , everyone against Latinos, Left vs. Right etc)
This destruction hasn’t even dented their wallets because the Left is full of Puppets and not oy a severe case of ‘TDS’ but a Hatred of all things Maga and on the Right. They don’t want us FREE ! Schwab wants a destroyed America so they can REBUILD this country into THIER version of Nirvana on earth: (15) second cities, No Cars, Bicycles, No Travel, .gov Grocery stores, NO Personal CASH Debit cards only: If you buck the system your card can be cancelled, that my friends (FEAR POWDER) will keep sheep in line like no other threat.
And I REALLY don’t need to mention (but I will) NO GUNS ! Not even the Military unless called out to keep the peace against us unruly slaves/drones.
This is George Orwell’s 1984 and Hitler’s Third Reich all rolled into one Tyrannical package OUR FOUNDING FATHERS WARNED US ABOUT.
In keeping w/ the Topic (excellent Topic Leo) 'WHERE is the Supreme Court?
Where are the Pol’s on the Right side of the aisle? Where is the Outrage over this entire
drama/set up/ Illegal Kangaroo Court? Where are the Checks and Balances so this would NEVER happen to a President or Former President? Half this country drank the TDS Kool-Aid
and they don’t even now it!
I say this LOUD and CLEAR to you all.
They are BAITING US TO FIGHT! Don’t do it! This is what they want.
So they can come down on us with Lawfare, Confiscation, National Guard /regular Army–Marshall Law
Curfews and Restricted Movements that will make Covid look like a Tea Party. THIS is why they INSTALLED the twisted Freaks in the Military: Pedo’s, Trans, warped (Controllable) weirdo’s
NOT because they are great soldiers but because this /gov can control and manipulate them.
This Country is INFECTED with a sickness and fighting back will result in our doom.
The People are waking up. They see the open warfare against Trump and those on the right but it is slow. Black people see Sleepy Joe’s derision towards them. The Left (My opinion only)
will destroy itself by cheating in the coming election. It will all come out by then.
They have nothing to boast about, Nothing was built back better, Bidenomics was a flop,
$20 Min. Wage is a sham, NY, Cali, Chiraq will be ghost towns soon.
If there is a fight DEFEND HOME AND HEARTH, If you listen to the Hotheads (some far right Maga’s you will die)
We need to be Trained-up, Ready, equip ourselves and our families for a period of disruption
(Elections) When The Left Loses they will ramp up the Noise. Remember folks (12) MILLION people Invaded us and they practically disappeared waiting to strike?
Be Careful Brothers and Sisters
Stay Chocolate Frosty




As this is a short(?) diatribe at over 600 words, I’d hate to see one of your long ones. :sunglasses: However, you provided good points and ideas.


Trump did not take the stand and did not provide an alternate theory for what the $130k was for. He was convicted unanimously because he is guilty. Trump talks a big talk to the media but when he is under oath, he can’t say a word. Becasue under oath, lies matter.

LOL I thought people who were “found guilty” could still appeal and later be “found innocent”. You do understand being “found guilty” is not the same as actually being guilty? There have been many people on death row that were discovered to be innocent after being “found guilty”. That is a strong indication that “found guilty” does not mean the person is actually guilty.

Interestingly, when I repeatedly asked for the “documents” that proved his guilt, after being told they existed and had seen them, have not been able to now be sourced. The prosecution’s witness testimony only proved they committed crimes that they admitted to, and stated that Trump did not coerce, imply, request, etc., for them to do what they admitted to doing.


We can’t live here in this limbo of conflict! By the time the “fight” or the deterrence of said socialism is over, I’ll be dead. Granted, if we’re on a winning path, good for my kids and grandkids and great grandkids
( any minute now ). I didn’t sign up for a retirement of strife!

They are coming down on us every day, it’s the democratic way. They are a degenerative disease, we can “vaccinate” against ( for lack of a better word ) and kill the disease or at the very least, “ flatten the curve”.
They are only interested in killing the host!
They’ve been eating at us for decades, we’re in stage 4 :exclamation:
Is there a stage 5, oh, I hope not! Wait it’s called death!

This pedophile destroyed my finances and plans for a circumnavigation around our beautiful nation to visit every lighthouse. Now if you think I’m going to visit states such as Oregon, Washington, Commifornia without personal protection, you’ve been drinking too much koolaid.
I’m one angry SOB. Soon the “frosty is going to melt. If we wait like the Jews and all the others we will meet each other in a camp or worse, without the luxury of some Americans showing up to open the gates!
If they are installed again, there will be no hope :exclamation:

When he’s done honoring himself and 30’ deep, I’ll raise the flag as high as it can possibly fly and vow to disrespect this MFr, without breaking the law, until my death. His name will be banned from my family and friends, and removed from any printed source!
If anything it will be the definition of falling up a flight of stairs x3 !
I was always taught, you salute and respect the rank or the office, not the man! He’s disrespected not only the rank but the office and the human race!
Hitler, Stalin and the like at least thought for themselves, they were not puppets. Our current idiot is more like a Charles Manson, sending out his minions to get the job done! There’s nothing worse than a traitorous corrupt dictatorial coward!
If I have to, there will be instructions in my will!

FYI will not be enough popcorn, waffles or milk duds left on the planet

Let’s wait, so we can stand tall and be proud, that we were better than they were :question:



How "Shammy-Whammy’ Rigged Trial do you have to get?
You have a Hooker/Washed up Porn star that owes Trump MILLIONS!
You had a Convicted Liar, Thief (stole $60,000 FROM TRUMP!)
He’s now a disbarred Lawyer, Lied to Congress, Lied on the stand POS!
The lead Prosecutor ran on ‘GETTING TRUMP’! Installed by George Soros
who wants to destroy the United States of America and rebuild it in
a Socialist/Marxist Image like all the other FAILED States that tried it
Cuba, Venezuela etc etc.

Your buddy Billy Clinton gave $800,000! to somebody he screwed/Raped
John Kennedy screwed Marylyn Monroe in the White House for Gods Sakes!
Hilary DELETED 30,000 e-mails that would have convicted her for numerous Crimes
Barry O…I can’t go there the list of atrocities is too long! He’s still pulling your apron strings Jim.

The Swamp is INFECTED and needs to be flushed—ALL OF THEM. Start over, Less .gov
Politicians have been screwin’ people forever.


Have only a few questions.
If this had to do with business records why was this not an IRS matter?
If there were 34 counts would not some have been tossed due to the statute of limitations?
Seems like a lot of misdemeanors were converted to felonies?
Just asking because I truly don’t know the answers to these questions.


It would take the past couple of months to explain.
However in all my studies up to and including the farce conviction, I’ll be short.
Yes, yes and yes!


That hasn’t been legally possible for a long time…neither the current nor prior POTUS are the reason CA won’t let people from other states carry a gun there


Look Brother Robert,
I’m no expert and No Lawyer
The Fed’s said there’s NO CASE, wouldn’t touch it
Other .gov agencies said NO Case
NY State took this because Soros told them to because he got these Criminals in power
I’m guessing here but it’s likely ‘Do this or else’
The thing I DO KNOW is this would have been a FEDERAL Offense/Case if there was one.
Not State trial they don’t have the Juice to try this—I don’t know how they can do this.
Mershaun’s DAUGHTER is a DEMOCRATIC OPERATIVE accepting ‘Donations’ from Billionaires and distributing it in all the wrong places
This is Corruption, Lawfare against a Political Rival because they can’t defeat Trump in open Legal elections.
These DA’s NOt just Bragg, the other Trials that may not even happen ran on the premise of ‘GETTING TRUMP!’ How the phuck can you call a prosecution fair and Just if you already hate somebody and VOW to ‘GET HIM!’
This is a Giant Sh** sandwich without the Bread!

These people are Eletist Pukes who think we should be ruled over instead of Governed.
We cannot be trusted to make our own decisions or choices because we are too stupid.
THAT IS SOCIALISM in a nut shell.