What a time to be alive

What did you just get done telling me in another thread sir? Oh yeah, now I remember… :rofl: :rofl:


I think he was mostly talking about the finances part ruining his circumnavigation, but I could be wrong.


I was going on this part

Now if you think I’m going to visit states such as Oregon, Washington, Commifornia without personal protection,

Might be a little of both I suppose, finances and carry laws, but the without personal protection part isnt’ caused by any current or recent POTUS


May be true. However the broader point is. Robbery, rape, murder and car jackings were not legal. Today they are. My finances were upwardly mobile. I can’t explain my astonishment of today’s prices. Furthermore from the mouth of Janet Yellen, prices will NEVER GO DOWN.
What’s required is a full blown recession! I worked and sacrificed a lot to get to where I am. Some have sacrificed much more than I. We all are entitled ( bad word ) to be free and safe.
I’m a white conservative male. No matter what, I’m already guilty even if I’m the victim of a crime!
We’ve seen it with our own eyes…
I could be fixing a flat, while exercising my “white privilege” ( being on “vacation” ), get robbed, beaten and shot in the back of the head, and I’ll be guilty of my own murder!

Now the case has not been adjudicated yet, but two words Laken Riley!
I’ll put money, that the killer goes free. Had he been a Trump voter, he would have been in solitary before they said, “do you understand these rights …”

The dots of finances, travel and protection are all connected. During the previous administration, I felt comfortable traveling to places like San Francisco, Portland or Seattle, but didn’t feel the need to carry an M249!
We were planning until the proverbial sh-t hit the fan. It did hit the fan, we’re all covered with it 4 years later!

This is a picture of a free American!



TOUCHE! (Buh buh buh Robert asked!)


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Nathan 57. It should . Be legal. In every state in the union of the USA :us: sir. WTF. Sir. You have no respect for your elders. SIR. Seriously. WTF. Nathan.:us::sos::us:no Root Beer For you. Mister. Nathan you know better and you make me sad. Seriously. SAD. YOU ARE. SIR.:sos::us::sos::feather::feather::100:

Scott 52. Sir thank you for your SERVICE SIR. And we should have locked up the bastard that let that criminal out of prison. And for not deporting his azz SIR. That pitcher makes my blood boil SIR. God bless AMERICA :sos::us::sos::100:SIR.

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Nathan 57 Check out the facks Hell. Check it . 54321​:cn::cn::cn:

(Koch network - Wikipedia) gives a surprisingly honest story of the family and their political affairs.

Only the Gnu Yawk Times could say “he wasn’t bought, but there were financial ties between them.” with a straight face.

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I can’t wait for the payback on that one. Major lawsuits against every deek in the NY legal departments of the city and state, and more.


SCOTT 52. I thank you sir . For your service. And for being my Brother. Sir. Brother. Seriously when someone on . In . This . Community. Says that I should never have a firearm. And . They Go on an on . About why. They are better than me. Sir. The REAL REASON IS THEY. Are AFRAID :bangbang:. Of any one who will. !! Stop. Someone else from hurting innocent people. Or. Trying to take what they want. !! Or . RAPE. Women . It THE . Broad day light!! If I see . Law enforcement.!! Needing. HELP. I AM STRAIGHT UP. Going to. Not LET THE . CRIMINALS. Hurt. . STILL KILL . And . Road RAGE. We seem that yesterday. And it was a tractor trailer. I Held up my hand CUFFS :bangbang::us: THAT DRIVER THOUGHT WE WERE WOMEN. . We took his number to his truck. And he will . Definitely have his tractor and trailer. Impounded. !! The lady driving. We Debbie ann and my. Self. Is . First cousins with the . Head of the Texas RANGERS. . I seriously feel sorry for him. Scott. I believe that Joe bit me. Stolen. Election. And ten percent Joe. And Hunter. Are traders.247. Years . I AM WITH TEXAS. Love you SIR. YOU ARE all welcome to come to my . Home. That. If this goes like this JUGE wants . You Al might need to come . Visit . I have plenty of room and LOVE MY AMERICAN FRIENDS AND FAMILY LOVE BOBBY JEAN AND DEBBIE ANN . Will leave a light on for ya .:us::100::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::cherry_blossom::blue_heart:And president trumps going to put them all in prison. And fire them all. So I can see . WE ARE GOING TO WAR. Because when the REPUBLICANS ACT LIKE THE DEMOCRATS. We. Are going to have THE WORST WAR ON AMERICAN SOIL . In our lifetime of our country. 2.2/

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