Trump Indicted

Well, we are in uncharted territory.


Well, if all the illegals are smart, they will vote for Trump!
It seems the 2A doesn’t protect squat!
The constitution will probably be “executive ordered” out of existence any minute now!
There’s nothing we can say that we won’t get arrested for!
We officially live in a socialist country!


I wish there was a God and that he punishes this a–hat with a long, painful, miserable death then burned in Hell for an eternity. Barring that, this man needs swift justice, which we know will not happen either. The worst/best scenario is that this will result in Trump’s re-election, barring yet another stolen election - so we know that isn’t happening either, but it will give the Democratic party a huge blackeye that might make people begin to wake-up.

Somehow we have all been resolved to living in a Hell that is an insane world with no visible way back to reality. The pendulum appears to have swung so far into insanity to be stuck where it cannot swing back. I hope I am wrong. God save us all.



Keep your powder dry.


Great post @Dave17 . It really does feel like the wheels are coming off. This can lead to an outcome that none of us wants. I don’t want to be alarmist, but this seems very dangerous to me.


It seems that they won’t stop until they get the civil war they work so hard for.


That is Trump.

Can you explain what you mean by that statement.


This is the publicity Trump wants. Once the public realizes this is politically motivated he is going to prove them all wrong in topical Trump style.
It is how bad it has to get before it gets better. It is like a feeling I can’t put into words. Best I can do.
Edit- It is not about words it is about hearts.

I must admit I am not understanding your statement here.


I am sorry. What can I do to help?

The Lord takes his vengeance after we die. Doesn’t mean the Lord won’t cause this a-hole to kick the bucket soon. We must learn to wait on Him. I’m in agreement wishing He does it sooner than later.

Disregard, no worries sir.

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At least Trump has the chance to prove he’s innocent in court.
Nancy Pelosi roasted over Trump indictment tweet saying he has a right ‘to prove innocence’ at trial | Fox News


Yea. Prove his innocent in a court with a jury that is so biased it’s not funny.

Only way he’d get a true, impartial trial (if that’s even possible), is to move any trial and jury selection away from the east and west coast and try to find something somewhere in the middle of the country.

But an activist judge/court in NY isn’t going to allow that.

So . . . here we are.


“Innocent until proven guilty” out the window :man_shrugging:t4:


They said that they won’t cuff him, but I hope that they do. Then save the cuffs for Pelosi, Harris, and Biden…not to mention the giant idiot driving this.


The purpose of it all is to push non-Leftist Americans into an impossible corner—where they are forced to choose between giving up their liberty and their most dearly-held principles; going to jail; or fighting back. When the last becomes the only choice, the Left plans to unleash the entire might of the Military-Industrial Complex to defeat and destroy any vestiges of dissent. They’ll have to do it, they’ll say, to protect us from an “insurrection.” At that point, we will have the Civil War that they have wanted, and planned for, since at least the 1960s. – Robert Spencer, The Sumter Gambit


In essence the 2A doesn’t protect squat! This is our own fault, we let ourselves get backed into the corner! Just like 1939!