Time to renew my CCW

I signed up for the renewal class and have the necessary ammo for the range work.
I plan on adding another handgun (1911) and will need to pick up a new comfortable and concealable holster for it. I have plenty of quality 7 round (.45ACP) magazines
I’m just mentally going through a check list of what I’ll need to field the 1911 in a CCW role.

I’m very happy with my 640 and Bianchi 152 and don’t plan to change anything other than train more—this COVID 19 shelter in place business has all the local ranges closed—and find a better supply of factory .38 spl SWCs.

I will need to get a larger range bag however—there simply isn’t enough room in my WW2 gas mask bag for both guns, ears, ammo, and accessories.

And of course I have my USCCA membership! Probably one of the most necessary items in my shooting “kit”

Just thinking out loud—maybe you have some suggestions?


Will your magazines fit in your current magazine holders for carrying? Or are you a pocket magazine person?

(Are you in one of the states that makes you list your concealed carry firearms on the permit?)

I’m guessing you have all of the cleaning materials you’ll need. Do you have the brushes needed for a .45ACP?


I use my USCCA range bag all of the time and love it. I keep pens (people never have pens for training nights), glasses and ear plugs and a USCCA knife in the end pockets. I put a pistol in either side pocket. 1 has mag holders and the other a mesh elastic for stuff. The inside has enough room for ammo and muffs. I’d like to see an inside pouch for tools because I don’t have a “tool kit”. I suppose I ought to have my wife make me a tool kit pouch.

If I load it up to much, I can’t carry it… .I can lift no more than 40#'s.

Someday I’ll design my own bag!


Hey, just a suggestion… not knowing how busy you are, but if you can spare the time, have your wife TEACH you how to make a bag :slight_smile: learning to sew has paid off nicely for me… I can attach most of my own patches… and I made a pair of pants for a Jack Skellington (Nightmare Before Christmas) Halloween costume for myself bc I couldn’t find pants wide enough in the leg to accommodate stilts…



I use two or three range bags, depending on how many guns I am taking. :grinning:

One for the guns, one for ammo, and sometimes another for ears, cleaning supplies.

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Well, I don’t have any concealable magazine holders, so there’s an issue. I’ll probably pocket carry one magazine to start.

All weappons cary must be listed on the permit(and registered!) Which is why I’m limiting myself to which ones I want to carry concealed.

I’ve all the cleaning stuff—I’ve been shooting both these handguns since the 1980s. The 1911 I even carried for a short time as a duty sidearm before hanging things up.

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Cool looking bag!

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That’s some creativity right there!

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Foxx also makes a nice double mag holder, same style (hybrid IWB)…
Both holster & mag carrier I mentioned are “tuckable”

https://www.foxxholsters.com/collections/iwb. “Hybrid IWB holster”

“Hybrid IWB magazine carriers”

I carry an extra meg in a belt holder that looks just like it would be for a pocket knife


I’ll leave the sewing etc to my wife and daughter!

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I got my ammo for the course—50 rds of .38 Spl Remington 158gr LSWC and 50 rds of .45 ACP FMJ Federal 230gr Match (from another life in another century) which I figure I’d better use up.

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Always good to plan to range and keeping good defense always involve more than one party to instruct as performing a drill that would help me out I’d go out with you

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Here’s my follow up—the new Remington .38 spl ammo had a defect that prevented the cylinder from locking up, but I got enough rounds total fired for record, The ancient Federal Match .45ACP worked like a champ.
I also bought a Bob Allen Select canvas range bag to tote everything to the range.

med kit from booboo’s to gun shot, tourniquet

I’ve not run into a 1911 that won’t take an 8 round magazine. Except for officers models which must use 7 round mags, but they are different mags than the 7 round for full size and compact. Just saying.

I like to order leather holsters from Craft Holsters .com. Yahoo it if you must, google being on the outs around here.

Enjoy the course. I did it last march and I always love going to handgun class. :yum: