Tim Schmidt's topic: Time Lapse

I really liked this message. It made me remember the days and nights where we would be with friends or family and something would come up where we couldn’t remember the answer, like an actors name or a place where something happened and the like and we would leave not knowing the answer. Now we just google it.
The part of this message talking about all of the news that is pushed to us that is false or bad and trying to decide what it true or untrue the the exact reason that I became a member or USCCA. The information that I have gotten from USCCA and the information in the magazine are so valuable. I do not remember buying a magazine that was chocked full of information as this one and it has already taught me so much about carrying that I never knew was available to me. I am very pleased to be a member.


Tim Schmidt’s write is very great, and true! USCCA is the leader!