This woman, Lauren Boebert, not sure about her

Yes, Conservatives are not the only folks who own guns. If we are to keep our Rights then we must turn down the rhetoric and expose facts. Gun Haters need to be educated that guns save lives and freedoms too.


@David-65, the word removed did not change the meaning of the sentence. Inserting a different word there may have changed the meaning.

Substituting “donkey” for that word would not have made sense in that sentence.

Where on this site can I find a list of words that can not be used. Perhaps a misspelling of these words are also included? & abbreviations of such words. My father is Italian & a German mother so I know what cursing is.

Obscenities and profanity are not allowed. The list is long including creative spellings.

Keeping conversation civil should eliminate any issues, @David-65.

So just to be civil can you tell me where the list is as I do not wish to be censored. I will read it for myself so not to offend. Also so I know you’re not just being arbitrary. Thank you ever so much.

@David-65, there isn’t a public list. Our system filters for a plethora of obscenities and multiple spellings for each. The Community Guidelines gives a great overview of the best dos and don’ts for respectful conversations in the Community.

I’m with you Barry. All this talk about Boebert, a QAnon cultist is insane to me. She’s an insider threat.

Quite a bit over the top and 100% false, as is the rest of your post. We are here to learn about firearms and self-defense, your negative comments about those on the Right are deplorable and put you and others that share your views in a negative light.

Proof of claim? As to being a threat, I hope so, in the political meaning, as the Leftist politicians are chomping at the bit, falling over one another to see who is the most totalitarian Socialist in their group. When they pass the next round of “gun control” and it personally affects you, you might begin to understand.

The majority of firearms in the USA are owned by wealthy, old white men. In the more restrictive states, firearm ownership is much lower than in more liberal states. Furthermore, the rate of minority and women ownership is far lower as a percentage of their respective populations in the more regressive states than in the more liberal states. Our country was founded on the principle of egalitarianism. “Gun control” laws create special classes of citizens, and make it more onerous, costly and legally perilous to own firearms. As such it disenfranchises the poor and makes others less willing to own firearms. The differences in the rates of firearm ownership between the regressive states and the liberal states is clear proof of that.

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You discredit yourself with this nonsense. It is so typical that whenever ANYTHING that doesn’t align with your insular view of the how America is “supposed to be” is brought up for discussion or debate, you all scream SOCIALISM!! It’s so tired and played out because it’s meaningless at this point. And I don’t need you to explain to me the issues around gun ownership with regards to women, and minorities. I personally represent three marginalize demographics in this country. As a liberal, I recognize the work be done to change the narrative around gun ownership on left. Liberals are more and more becoming vocal about their gun ownership (there are more than you realize clearly) and engaging with their state representatives. This engagement is actively happening. Are you not tired of being played a fool for so many years? People in conservative spaces and most firearm spaces choked themselves to death over “Obama is going to take our guns!!!” Didn’t happen. It’s not going to happen now. Yes, we need to remain vigilante to progress smart and enforceable laws regarding firearm ownership and self-defense laws that serve everyone and not just the wealthy as they do now. However, I am going to draw the line at even remotely aligning myself with traitors like Boebert and the other representatives that instigated sedition and tried to overturn the votes of 80 million Americans. My vote counts, so does yours.

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How is she a traitor?


So, because she represents part of the 75 million people that want proof the election was fair, and she disagrees with you, she’s a traitor? 2 states, Pennsylvania and Georgia, violated their own state constitution in he election. Ted Cruz called for a bipartisan, multi-branch(House, Senate, and SCOTUS) to thoroughly investigate the claims that the election was wrought with questionable activities. Since we spent 10s of millions of dollars investigating collusion from 16 to 19, we should at least spend 25 million to prove the election was fair, and honest.

Go listen to the whole of Trumps speech from the 6th. No calls for violence whatsoever. If they are liable for the 6th, then Biden, Pelosi, and so on are responsible for the “summer of Love” we just had.


You play the projection role well. Your ignorant view of people on the Right is so trite. People on the Left, according to polls, are very strongly pro “gun control”. The states that are Democratic-controlled is proof of that; those states have the most restrictive firearm laws.

Proof of claim? As typical, lack of honesty and facts.


Here are two things I think we can all agree on.

Please remember to keep the thread on topic and respectful. This thread is about a Congresswoman exercising her right to carry and protect herself.

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In my comment, I clearly state that I recognize the need to change the narrative around gun ownership and firearms on the left. That narrative is changing. It will take time, but it’s changing.

My “ignorant view of people on the right is trite.” Yeah, ok. Hey, have you guys figured out, if we’re all soft-headed, vegan, soy-boys and girls, who cry over the sight of steaks? Or are we all diabolical, masterminds, poised to take you all by force to our underground sex chambers? It’s hard to keep up sometimes.

@Dave17 and @FuriousMB, keep it respectful. You both have preconceived notions about the other, take a step back and have a good conversation and you’ll both get something you’re looking for - common ground and 2A support from each other.


This Community is not a political community - we know that politics does affect the Second Amendment and therefore will come into conversations here.

Everyone, please keep it respectful and on topic. No one is asking everyone to agree, but personal attacks because of differing viewpoints is not allowed. Keep it civil and respectful in your posts here.


My stance is quite clear as I posted it, and backed by facts. None of my statements were false.

I never stated any such non-sense.

Why not look at it as - Colion Noir is an educator? It everyone aspires to be political leaders. Some feel called to educate the masses about what is going on in the world, and that is okay, too. Others aspire to create change. We need both in this world. It isn’t an either/or issue.


She’s a Q Anon Conspiracy spreader _ her & her husband are restaurant owners where the servers wear side arms _ show off cute in little blur jean shorts - LOL . But she and 3 other Q Anon republicans were just elected to the House of Rep’s in DC . read up on the bios before you judge them as their Republican Colleges in Congress are distancing from them . One thing I just learned is that Q Anon isn’t a tight knitted group of Conspiracy peddlers _ It’s just scatted among
few radio talk show hosts , but have messaged to many of Right Wing groups who carry their false notions.
They were elected in their community which comprises 99% Republicans and no opposing republican could be had to challenge their rhetoric . Astonishing the amount of Nuts !

With respect to the rules of the House of Representatives - She can carry ( on the DC grounds following DC rules on Carrying & in to Capitol building to her office _ however NO GUNS are permitted on House floor . Surprisingly it was Male member of Congress yesterday that tried to enter those cambers and set off a metal detector . Opps !!!