Gun-toting congresswoman-elect may carry Glock at Capitol


Good for her.

But, if I can’t carry where she can, that’s double standard.


Did anyone see the story on her Thanksgiving day? In Colorado you were limited to 6 people at dinner but for a funeral you could have up to 30. She decided to have a funeral for the turkey but got to thinking that she would like to have more people so she added a pig and I think a lamb to the funeral and so she was planning a funeral for all three and could have 90 people for services. Smart lady here fellows. Can you just see the outrage from the squad when she gets to Washington. They will have to go to bed for weeks to get over their hysteria she causes them. Eatem alive lady you are a hero already to some of us.


Good for her. IMO-All Branches of the Government-Executive, Legislative and Judicial should pack their own heat. Regardless of the political spectrum. It should be a requirement to at least maintain a proficiency in a Rifle, Pistol or Shotgun of their choice. They should be allowed to invest in their own defense. Time to put some skin in the game and shut up no more hypocrites. 2A is one of the greatest civil rights we have let them exercise it.-It should be mandatory.

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You mean, remove armed guards, and have them fend for themselves, like We the People? LOL

I still have some reservations about this. Drug testing would have to come 1st. Some folks in DC really sound and look like they need it. Then a Socialist+Gun=Communist, could be dangerous.

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No do not remove the security detail. Let them be a part of their own defense. IMO-The country needs fighters for all of the US Constitution and not just what fits into their politics-All of it. Promote and encourage responsible gun ownership in our society and watch how fast the idea of Socialism and Communism dissipates from the political landscape. When you promote, encourage growth and the empowerment of the individual over the collective freedom wins-everytime.

Would be interesting to know who else carries thete

Three cheers for her…

Wish she would open a ‘Shooters’ here.

Good for her!

Remember when she confronted then presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke of " Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR -15, your AK -47" fame during a rally in Aurora?