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No Gun Signs do not carry the force of law in Utah, the list of restricted places covered by law is actually pretty short.
My guess, it wasn’t necessarily that he had a firearm, it was the fact he was showing it around.


Looks like a reason.
Stupid behavior brought consequences…


Showing a weapon is pure stupidity unless you draw it to stop a bad confrontation,I never show my weapon unless it is to stop someone from doing something stupid


Can’t speak to the 21st century, but when I went to college, the campus was a gun-free zone. Every student had to sign a statement that we knew weapons were not allowed. But a lot of students had them, anyway. They just didn’t walk around showing them off, like someone said earlier. Every once in a while, I’d catch a glimpse of a pistol in a dresser drawer or something like that. And it made sense, because the city outside the campus was a high-crime area.


Nowadays if you just think “gun” you’ll be Swatted


Lesson learned; Keep your gun holstered & concealed.


His behavior reminds me this: :point_down:

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Harry Potter preparing himself to feel safe in Hogward.



You’re confusing a “no-gun sign” with school property.

If it was private property such as a business that does or does not have a “no gun sign” then yes you are correct. No gun signs have no force of law in Utah. They can only ask you to leave. If you refuse and the police are called you can be cited for criminal trespassing. If you argue with police they can arrest you for disorderly conduct.

However, in this specific incident, it is a school that has separate laws. It is legal to carry a firearm on any school property in Utah ONLY if you have a valid Utah concealed firearm permit.

Ensign College is owned by the LDS church. They have a no-weapon policy just like BYU since it is a private school, not owned or funded by the state. If you have a Utah permit you can carry all you want on Ensign College and BYU, but IF you are asked to leave you are required by law to leave.

It is ILLEGAL to carry a firearm on any school property under Constitutional Carry.

Although there is no information I believe the individual did not have a valid Utah CFP. He was arrested under 76-10-505.5 for possessing a firearm on school premises, a class A misdemeanor.

I am a Utah gun law expert. (not a lawyer - no legal advice)
Utah Carry Laws

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You are correct, thank you for pointing that out.

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It’s illegal because schools are bad guy safe spaces

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When my kids and grand children were in school and when I picked them up or they were sick,I always were armed and when went into the outer office to get them and sign them out I was armed,once again the what if scenario came into play,they didn’t have wands or walk through sensors,and I have always carried in a shoulder and the way I dress it never prints at all

Possible exception, at the range if asked, then clear it to hand it to them. Then clear it to receive it back.

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You are correct in that respect