This is the US military’s next sniper rifle of choice | Task & Purpose

I like the look and specs of this system but is that not a really high price tag for a sniper rifle platform?


I’m not seeing the US Military going to Norma Magnum anything as there are bunkers full of 300 Winchester Magnum and 338 Lapua Magnum (which the Navy at Crane helped design) as well as 416 CheyTac. The MRAD in multiple variations has been around for quite a while and standardizing across all services would be a good option. Good on Ronnie Barrett if he locked down the contract.



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I hope not!

Is it drop safe?

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I was doing some rough napkin math, and those were coming out around $20,000 each.

Looking at 98B pricing I see much lower numbers, under $5k. Let’s say its double that. But 4 X ???
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I would argue, it’s okay for the military to invest in a product that’s significantly more expensive. Most things that are significantly more expensive are really only a small upgrade from a lower price point.

I could see the interchangeable parts/ barrels/ ability to use the rifle in many different situations as a good investment. That being said, only time will tell if it’s a good investment. I was not a fan of the Sig p320 when it first came out and started shooting when dropped.