Ruger Precision® Rifle

Does anyone own a Ruger Precision® Rifle here. If so, why it he barrel length 20 inches for all .308 caliber rifles and longer for 6.5 Creedmore (24 inches), etc. Any thoughts. Thanks, John



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While I do not own that particular rifle, I do own a Ruger AR-15 and would recommend to anyone else purchasing one.

However, I’m going to do some research behind your question.
Do you own one? If so, do you like it and would you recommend?

I’ll second the Ruger AR556.

Looked up and this site looked to have some good information in regards to barrel length.

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Not sure @John265 but Ruger is a good company and strangely enough today Ruger Rifles are on special today 10/22 are specially priced at Rural King RK Guns today.


Love Rugers, always solid I have my P95 pistol, love my Ruger AR556, and my Ruger 10/22 take down with magpull stock and the 110rd Drum Mags I have for it…


Hello Everyone:

I do own a Ruger Precision Rifle in 22LR and it is a great rifle. I also own a Ruger AR-556. I am considering the “Ruger Precision in a larger cal. Such as 308 or 6.5 Creedmore. The cost of ammo drives me to the 308.



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To answer your question about barrel length it has to do with powder burn time and amount of powder in the case as well as the “volume or area” of the barrel where the burn occurs.

The short version is that while the case volume of the 6.5 is pretty similar to the .308, the 6.5 is “UNDER BORE” for the cartridge which means the boolit is lighter and moves down the barrel faster. The barrel is also smaller in diameter so there is less area for the powder to burn than a .308. To fix this they added 4" to make the burn more complete to get maximum performance from stock standard rounds. There is another issue that adds to this which most folks overlook which is the shoulder angle of the 6.5 vs the 308 it has a HUGE impact on burn rates which is why the “AI - Ackley Improved” rounds perform so much better than conventional rounds. That would take several pages to describe in any detail worthy of the conversation.

Hope that made sense.




20" is the standard length for military sniper rifles chambered in 7.62x51mm so Ruger wanted to mirror it.

I don’t own one but have shot several of them and they are excellent med/short range rifles.

I have one in 6.5 Creedmoor, mine is the second variant which has the updated hand guard and muzzle brake. Everything I have heard is that Ruger selected the barrels to optimize the caliber the guns were chambered for. So barrel length and twist are going to vary for each caliber. There are quite a few after market barrels available if you required something different than the factory offering. You would have to find out what your gun "liked’ but my factory barrel does best with bullets in the 140 grain range. Winchester Match 140 are its favorite but the 143 grain Hornady ELD-X are a very close second.

Hi Greg:

Nice picture and thanks for the comments below. I am leaning toward the 308 because my current range longest rifle range is 200 yards. Anything about, 300 yards I would be considering the 6.5. Buy the way, what type of scope are you
using on your rifle? Thanks, Dr. John

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You will need some room to enjoy these rifles, I have a clear 1.5 miles at the farm when the crops are out (corn is still in this year). The ISRA range currently has a 300 yard range, and there are rumors that a 1000 yard range could be possible if they can purchase some neighboring land.

The scope is a 6x24 Vortex PST (FFP). If you were only going to target shoot you could save a few bucks and get the Vortex HST model, which doesn’t have the lighted reticle. I have sniped a few coyotes, and the ability to brighten the reticle was useful. Which ever model you choose do get it in first focal plane.

There are a few new scopes out now which pair with a smart phone app, I have not used one of those… but I am a big enough nerd that I would have looked at them closely if they had been available when I was in the market.

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I’ve got a variety of Trijicon and Leupold VX6, VX7, MK IV’s and VX3’s.

Over time I’ll probably replace verything but the Trijicon’s with VX6’s.

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As noted, the 6.5 is a long range cartridge. If you never go beyond 200 I’d think the .308 will do everything you want and more for less $$ per shot. I used to shoot an NM M1 @ 600 yards regularly. To me, the 6.5 would be the more appropriate round for ranges 600+ out to as faras I’d try to shoot YMMV.


What rifles can I transition to away from the AR platform. I love the nostalgia of shooting with an AR-15 but don’t want to mess around with future laws banning them if not out right confiscating them.
Mossberg seams okay but is it considered an AR?