This is the kind of Misinformation we are seeing everyday

This sentence came from an article in reference to the Supreme Courts ruling on bump stocks

"Bump stocks use the recoil energy of a trigger pull to enable the user to fire up to hundreds of rounds with what the federal government calls “a single motion.”

Pure BS. "hundreds, like 999 rounds, with a single pull of the trigger.


So how woud the statute need to change to include bump stocks?

The National Firearms Act of 1934 defines a “machinegun” as “any
weapon which shoots, is designed to shoot, or can be readily restored
to shoot, automatically more than one shot, without manual reloading,
by a single function of the trigger.”


If i convert my rifle to belt fed, and have a bump stock…. AND a binary trigger…… :thinking:

I mean,… it’s not a high capacity magazine clip, it’s a belt!


With the bump stock, it’s “a single function of the finger” but the finger does engages the trigger for each shot. You don’t have to move your finger to fire multiple shots.

A step in the right direction but
felons and lawbreakers be like…


It really doesn’t matter. People seem to forget that the original goal of the NFA was to make handguns too expensive for ordinary citizens to own along with automatic weapons. That’s why there is all that ridiculous language in there declaring barrel lengths below a certain amount to be pistols or short barrel rifles.

When the politicians realized that trying to keep handguns out of the hands of everyone but the rich and the criminals would be a violation of the 2A they couldn’t get away with, they dropped the handgun regulations but left all the ridiculous short barrel rifle crap in there. That let them start down the road of incrementally wiping out the 2A without going through the constitutionally mandated process legally required to do so.

So whatever new language gets added to the NFA will eventually be circumvented by some other technological “loophole” because the restrictions themselves don’t make sense and don’t make anyone but the criminals and corrupt politicians any safer. It is all about disarming people one made up category or feature at a time.


The current crop of ‘Official Criminals’ in Power built on
a corrupt system that put the NFA in place, Believed in more .gov
More Agencies, more Infringements Over the People instead of
Normie’s have NO IDEA what these ‘Bump Stocks’ actually do,
what the arbitrary 16" barrel means, Magazine ban’s etc…they believe
what these Corruptible’s’ say!
“You don’t need a… so on and so forth”
That’s why the 2nd Amendment is under attack now!
.gov: “The truth is what I say it is!”—the late Ned Beatty in “Shooter”