This is MY Mayor

Bryan mayor speaks out following a weekend of gun violence (

"It’s not the guns that are bad, it’s the person holding the gun, pulling the trigger,” Gutierrez said.

Yeah, My Mayor gets it.


That’s a far cry different than the stereotypical, excuse-making line of “We need to find out who put that gun in this innocent baby’s hand.”


My Mayor Tim Keller (Abq, NM) is an EMPTY SUIT…Non-Existent except for special pet projects he is never in the for front of anything. Our Gov Michele Lujan-Grisham is a CA Gov Nuisance wanna-be. Equally worthless unless she can get air time or increase the power she has over the voters.
Both Demi-godz, both Corrupt.
“Stimulus checks in the mail my little subjects by Friday!”
While I welcome $500 of my own money they stole from me, I don’t want the check. I want to not see my tax dollars and every other ridiculous fee imaginable being sent to the nazi’s in ukraine and resident Bidet’s and his mini-me son’s pockets. Thank you, I feel better now :kissing_closed_eyes:

“One problem police are having is nobody, including witnesses, wants to help them.”
There in lies a large part of the problem. Me, I don’t talk to the police unless I absolutely have to, then it’s Good Morning Sir or I have nothing to say… My experience with the police, Yes not all positive been locked up more than once, is as soon as they know your name you are a suspect, guilty of something. Try to help and the next thing you know they are threatening you for more info or for not telling the truth etc. Maybe the police in general should take a look at how they treat the general public, the law abiding members of the community.


I love watching the 1st and 2nd amendment auditors on YT. Ppl and cops going crazy over a camera while standing on public land. Then get taken to court, fired and sued. I don’t hate cops but I want them to respect my rights. Cops can lie to you, have no responsibility to protect you and have made themselves only report writers mostly.

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Actually, they did not use your tax dollars to fund the $500 checks. They borrowed/printed the money, which, as a matter of basic economics creates the inflation and higher prices we now endure. “We’re here from government to help.”


Very true. Cops collect evidence to determine whether a crime has been committed and to support a prosecution. In some cases, they act as peacekeepers (e.g. in a family fight or public disturbance), which is different than agencies that protect/defend individual rights (e.g., prosecutors).

Cops typically arrive at crime scenes after the fact, record the facts of the scene as they observe it to present to a prosecutor who makes criminal indictment decisions. Cops then testify about the scene they observed. They do not function as crime fighters or crime preventors, nor are they employed to keep the public safe by their presence.

Cops are not lawyers who interpret the law or the Constitution, nor are they legislators who enact laws they believe are good for society. In many departments, a GED is sufficient for employment as a cop.

In my experience, most of their time during a typical shift is devoted to settling domestic disputes between families, making traffic accident reports and writing traffic tickets.

They are, in the end, simply municipal or local government employees.