Things we have learned from the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

Please be careful with Mr. Rittenhouse. the Prosecution was a joke and many errors were made and the
bad guys were not clean nor angels and the Judge and juries did very well. Rittenhouse was a very close call and please never repeat the nightmare. You probably not be so lucky.

@William_H, I’m really not sure what you’re trying to convey here, or even to whom you’re necessarily replying, but if the response above is directed to me, then I can tell you you are 100% wrong. That it does not show anything of the kind.

You made a statement, several statements, in fact. Can you back them up with examples or evidence, or are you just trolling the community?

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Respect to you, you have not followed your training. I am finished with this and please train with your instructors. The USCCA Instructor care about you and everyone as members and students of USCCA. I do not and never will stop caring about anyone here. These Instructors have spent many years of their life to help and protect every member here. You are not the problem, never will be.

The man named Kyle Rittenhouse is also being demanded to be let go from Arizona State University
College and is being nicked named Killer Kyle. He has his own problem and could cause many more problems for himself. He may be innocent, but not the end of the problems and nightmare.

Please study the books on self and home defense. Protect your family and know your State Laws. Another book: Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals by Michael Martin. Be a HERO and
save a life or hundreds, please. I am finished with this, but I do care.

The Surprising Way Gun Laws Are Used Against Us

[The Surprising Way Gun Laws Are Used Against Us​ – Carry Daily]The Surprising Way Gun Laws Are Used Against Us​ – Carry Daily

Watch: Gun Owners of America Blows This Subject Out of the Park!

Gun Control!

Woke fool and his money are soon parted


@William_H, listen carefully: This is the sound of my switching you to Ignored.


Last line in the piece:

“EDIT: This is fake news started by a group called Potatriots who also started a rumor about Rittenhouse suing The View. It didn’t happen and according to Rittenhouse Lawyers, there is no paperwork being filed at this time to sue anyone for defamation.”


I didnt see that. He does have a long list of big wallets to sue.


Yes, yes he does. I’m looking forward to watching that.



‘That was a lie:’ Florida Gov. DeSantis says media got certain facts of Kyle Rittenhouse case wrong

Gov. DeSantis claims media lied about Kyle Rittenhouse |

Rittenhouse had his reasons to be there, even if we would not have done so. We should keep in mind that he had the right to make that choice. The question is not “was his choice wrong?” The question was “was he attacked and needed to defend himself?”

He was and he did. End of story.


This article shows a profound photo from ASU leftists protesting K.R. Great insight, isn’t it?

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We are truly generating another generation of…people who cna’t think for themselves, are afraid of facts, and believe that the world morphs to their fantasies.


This is a tragedy. Yet it underscores the difference in parenting style. Also, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord.

If you want divine irony, YouTube presents this video to me with an ad for sandyhookaction: “Demand Congress stop assault rifle sales”. With a suggested viewing scroll of 2A stuff and Faux News tropes, because I use this browser pretty much only for USCCA.

Algorithms smart enough to choke a horse. :smirk:

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The difference between Davion Jones and Kyle Rittenhouse is the latter gets to win $100s of millions from lying MSM. Other than that, the lesson is identical: don’t mob and threaten people, don’t be antifa, and if you puck around, you’ll find out.

PS. It is notable, Jones admitted to police he had fired “with his eyes closed”. This shows his fear, but also a degree of recklessness, since he lost control of his aim.

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Win? He’s earned it and it would be great if he could sink CNN and their ilk.

I don’t shoot often, but when I do, I am the most accurate with my eyes closed. Okay…I’m not that bad.

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There is going to be a battle in a civil court that he has yet to win. I am rooting for him though.


In court I would argue what does my online persona has to do with this case specifically? If it’s not related to this case at all then you’re violating my first amendment rights.

I post a lot on tik tok and any prosecutor can take my tik toks put things out of context and misconstrue them to make me look guilty. Even some of the USCCA videos, I can tell the court I was trained by the USCCA. All they have to do is take this specific USCCA video take it out of context and play the words, “Put a bullet or 2 in the central nervous system, either brain or the spine, shut him off like a switch. If you can’t do that put as many holes as you can into the chest cavity, let the lungs fill up with blood, stop the heart and stop the threat” and then all the prosecuting attorney has to say is I’m listening to people that are telling me how to specifically kill somebody. That when I shot that person, I meant to shut him off like a switch, and I meant to fill his lungs with blood.

I made it a rule if I defend myself that I won’t be posting on social media for a while, and won’t post or talk about the case until after it’s over.

Why don’t we talk about how to combat this in court instead of just letting the prosecution take something irrelevant and run it through?