Things we have learned from the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

News media stated that these might lead to People thinking they have to carry a gun for protection now!


Heavens no! :astonished:


Not to stir any pots, but I have a question. I know that search engines steer results but…

I recently read an article that stated something like more black people have killed white cops than white cops have killed black people, or something like that. I can’t find the article, but it got me curious, after all of the untruths about Kyle’s trial (rhyming is fun!).

So, I looked. No matter how I type my query, whether I use quotes or not, and so many other methods, all I get are how many people cops kill by various criteria (color, race, gender, location, etc.), which seems unfair.

Is there a way to get a result for the question one asks on, for instance, Google? The answer doesn’t mean anything, it just got me thinking how any other things are providing very skewed results. It also got me thinking about when people write factual papers (school project or professor getting published leaning on others’ work) and how they may not be facts at all.

Unfortunately Google, and probably all major search engines, don’t actually understand your question as a question. They expect that your search contains words and that some of those words have been indexed by their knowledge graph. Think of a knowledge graph as one of those spiderwebs investigators use on Law and Order where there’s a bunch of pictures on the wall and pins with string between them. The pictures in this case are your words. They grab onto your words and follow the strings. The more contact points your words have with a search result, the more “relevant” the search engine will consider that result. It then applies some super secret scoring system to the results accounting for things that are “trending” and your prior search history and a bunch of other stuff.

So when you type a bunch of words, it picks out only the words it has indexed and mostly ignores the rest. Words like “more”, “have” and “than” are not indexed because they are on just about every website. So the words that are left are the ones that count. There are far more results with those words that are not what you are looking for than the one page you want.

Your best bet would be to search the history of your browser for those words, the number of sites you have visited is far fewer than the number of sites Google has indexed.

There’s another piece to this though. What you are looking for is very likely to have been flagged by someone on whatever platform it was posted on and probably is being censored. For example:


Coming up with a good query can be hard — especially if most people are using the same words in a different order to ask a different question. One trick is, after you learn the query which lead to the wrong answer (i.e. not responsive to your question), try to come at the same subject with different words. As far as I have ever been able to tell, Google doesn’t much care what order your words appear in, nor whether you actually ask a coherent question — it just tries to match up the set of words or phrases to something in its trawl.

Not sure exactly what your question would be, and I didn’t dig through the results, but I shot a couple queries aimed at the general topic:

The returns stuck pretty much to “officers killed” rather than “officers killing”.
I don’t seem to do any better with “advanced search” tools, but usually manage to come up with at least one query which at least sort of works, and then experiment with variations. It’s kind of trial and error — sometimes maybe impossible to locate the needle. Whether you can actually get to the statistical breakdown you’re looking for — maybe?

p.s. I can tell that Google organizes results by where it thinks my IP address is located. Since I get my internet from outer space, its guesses are always irrelevant to me. I’ve not noticed anything personal about me or my browser history in Google search returns. News and commerce sites, and apps are obviously spying on my activity based on ads/links displayed. I hadn’t noticed that pattern at Google — but would I?

This is the closest i’ve come. Now I’m on a mission!

Yup. LEOKA is the mother lode if it’s organized in a way that helps you.
There are a couple years more recent data than the one you linked, plus 20yr prior.
LEOKA year index

Another interesting site showing 45-60 officer deaths/ year by gunfire.

Search results really highlight how they’re hiding facts for what I’m looking for.

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Perhaps there’s a group that can nudge Google to publish some facts? USCCA? Bernie?

I did write to this guy. He put a lot of work into this. I asked if he had similar for cops.

A lot of text here.

Not going to post any more unless there is interest. I’m curious now!

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This is my opinion about Mr. Rittenhouse, metals and glory in something that has not been rightfully earned. If it was someone else that did this, it could have been complete madness and death and all our hard-earned training to be the best in the USCCA and other training companies would be useless and wasted, with all of this mess on RITTENHOUSE.

I love the 2nd Amendment, I love the women and men that serve in all militaries, live, and die for our Beautiful Country, and I believe in our country. Love all people of color and support Moms, Dad, and Children; with all respects and honors. But Mr. Rittenhouse does not deserve any metals or honor. He is a free man that did things the correct way to protect family, others, and himself in a self-defense. It is very painful to be in any situation that only a few that have lived or died in. I am very much pleased that someone stood up and defended what was right and that very person that stopped many people from getting hurt or dying that terrible night. With ever respect, that this person is living and unharmed is a wonderful miracle. Please do not put that person on a throne and make him another nightmare. Our Constitution and all our Rights as Americans are completely under attack and people desire to destroy any and everything that was put in place 1776-1787, by people that believed also for our country and DIED; many died for our freedoms. Please tell Rittenhouse he is free and go get a life.

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It is entertainment when you hear someone keep saying the same lies until it becomes their truth. Facts are nostalgic.


It will finally come out in the end, the truth. Do not think you want to be anywhere near the mess when it happens.

I can’t speak for others, but I don’t think he is a hero for what he did that night. What he endured after, instead of caving in, including the imprisonment and following trial is what is so impressive. I keep in mind his chronological age. Most adults would have caved under the pressure he has been under and the environments he has endured. In a major way, he has slowed the folks who want to alter America from its core values and formal amendments that protect them.


Something needs to be done to stop people from making these
mistakes by taking an AR 15 into a Riot, being under aged, using a deadly weapon, reasonable forces?
A reasonable person tests? You can fail the courtroom and jury test for sure. This is all written done for someone that is in a criminal case facing charges. I am not perfect, but I know what a civil courtroom is; it was not my fault and that it can get very old. The beloved Prosecution does not care about you or others, but for the defeat of your case.

(Why was this person there in the first place?) What happened to
Avoidance, Situational Awareness, Escaping the problem; running away?

Things here can escalate into civil legal problems for the Defense and the young man that protected himself with a rifle; taking a gun into a mob. But all that could and can escalate into a war between supporters of the men and families that have suffered loss of their lives.

OUR education gives us the correct ways to help ourselves, others and USCCA Members to train and to properly, safely, and legally conceal and carry to protect themselves and their families at the BEST, Mentally, Physically, Finically, and Morally.

But this young man that faced multiple charges of murder and tempted murder, there were 5 charges made and the young man was found not guilty to all charges in Wisconsin. This 17-year-old man broke many other rules and laws. These issues are not to be followed as examples or be accepted by other people and not to expect the same outcome like this 17-year-old man with an AR 15 and his expert gun fighting skills, if these nightmares happen again elsewhere.

Please do not wait until the next gun fight. “ALL LIVE’S MATTER”

Something needs to be done to hold riotous mobs accountable and keep them from destroying what people have spent their lives working to build.


Hi William. I appreciate the post, but don’t find your point in there. Can you clarify?

While I think it was dmb for him to be there, then…it wasn’t illegal at all.


Not sure where you’re going with this. What do you think needs to be done @William_H?

Can you provide four or five examples of those “many other” rules and laws he broke?


It all shows that you have not been training and it is necessary to do your research. There are many classes available to everyone here at USCCA and other instructors. It cost a lot of money to study and train and it is worth every cent.

If you test the waters of posting yourself aggressively on the internet, think your above the laws in your state, say things wrongfully to people or groups of people, show up with an AR 15 to defend yourself in a mob, riot, aggressive behavior toward race, religion group, or plain old showing up with a defensive attitude toward any one, can and will get yourself in a bad legal issue.

This mess can start a war or a very bad day for some people, some people think they know everything and people make mistakes. If you choose to copy these problems or try to shot your way out of battle like this, you may be having breakfast behind bars and in need an attorney.

This is not your fight; you did not find a way to deescalate, or you did not find a secure place to retreat to for safety or you may risk death or grave body injuries to you and you may pay the cost.

No arguments and but only caring for others, with all respect to you, we must not engage.