The World can come to an End now

The Mormons believe that Moroni will blow his horn from the top of the Salt Lake Temple to great Jesus upon his return. Moe has been in a warehouse since he took a tumble during our last earth quake, but now, he’s back. The end again May Be Near…


Sure… What’s another 2000 years. :slightly_smiling_face:


I did not know that Moroni was damaged in an earthquake.

When I lived in SLC, my wife and I lived on the benches. We took a geology course at the U that focused on the unique elements of Utah geology – like strong earthquakes can “liquify” the flat areas that start at the bottom of the benches and extend westward.


Glad to hear we can proceed with the apocalypse now. All this waiting for it to happen is getting really old. Best to get it over with so we can stop muddling through with all these corrupt leaders in charge and get started on the rebuilding.


There’s worse things than Dying folks.
I get killed I ‘GO HOME’ St. Pete asks for
my ‘call sign’ Bada Bing he opens da Purly Gates!
I get my wings and favorite cloud again!
toss him my cell phone and M4 and sleep for
the next ‘17’ years to recover from this shite hole experience.
BRING IT ‘MORONI!’ ‘bout time!
Just promise to send da Puddin’ and Numba one son to Hell!


I tried being dead for 25 minutes two years ago. I have no memory of it or the 3 days after I was brought back to life. Either I didn’t like it all that much or more likely I was sent back because I have more to do here.

I’m in no hurry to try death out again. I feel I have a lot more to live for and want to be here for my family. But I’m not afraid of it when my time does come around again. Death is easy. Living well takes a lot of work.


Well my Good Sir, My belief is if you feel THIS strongly about living you will be fine.
The Grand Poo-bah in the sky doesn’t wish to end your party down here unless you are ready. (but sometimes ship happens! I guess).

Oh Man, That is Gospel!
Today my Neuro surgeon explained fully I have a .39centimeter mass on my brain! sittin’ there like an egg! (over easy maybe?) Too many rounds to the helmets possibly.
I’m not ready to go Brother, There is one more fight for this Country and I am not giving my seat up to somebody else. NO SIR! I don’t want to leave Planet Granite in this tough of shape!.
It isn’t up to me I know that so I hope we have an understanding. If it’s malignant I’m ready to go. If it’s benign then Fights still on.



I know a man who was given 3 months to live and told he would never walk again due to his femur disintegrating from a rare form of blood cancer. He chose to disregard the Docs prognosis and figure out how to live by going on a crash detox diet. Last I checked he was not only living a couple years later but was running regularly as well.

Not everyone who fights can win their battles. But those that choose to fight give themselves a chance to win no matter how badly the odds are stacked against them.

My prayers and best wishes are with you for a speedy recovery! We all want you to stick around for the good and bad times ahead.


Amen, Brother-Man, Amen, I ain’t going anywhere, anytime soon. And you can take that to the Bank.


The last one 5.7 if memory serves was actually centered in Magna around 8400 west and 21st south. I had no idea there was a big fault line out there.

Yea, Stick around my brother. We need the good ones with us in this battle .


God bless you brother warrior. My money is on you beating it man. If anybody can, it is you @Don102


Thanks Guy’s . The good part of all this noise is my Doc
is NOT scalpel happy. Not EAGER to ‘GO IN!’
I’m screwed up enough without having ‘Brain salad Surgery’(Good Album too! ELP)
I’ll be fine, Apparently I’ve had this a while and it hasn’t metastasized
into a watermelon in……my Melon :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:maybe it’s why I can’t tolerate fools and trolls lately? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: The cool thing is it’s inside my skull
so I’ll never get that Frankenstein protruding forehead so I have THAT going for me!

As Staff Sargent Barnes once quipped: 'We all gotta die sometime Red!". (Classic)