UN Puts Up Giant Statue in NYC

hmmm… see several links from different net sources that say this…

anyone near that location able to go have a look and see if it really exist???


some links…

probably more out there used a quick duck duck go for look up…

What does this article and this issue have to do with this forum’s purpose?

"Your Place for Self-Defense Education, Training and Discussions with Responsibly Armed Americans"

depends on how ya look at things I suppose…

but if you find it offensive or incorrect please remove it…

all good…

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I look at things from the perspective that we’re here to discuss self defense education, training and safety. There are plenty of conspiracy discussions elsewhere on the Internet. This statue has absolutely nothing to do with the intended purpose of these discussion threads.

The purpose of this sub-forum that you chose to post in (News and Current Events) is this:

"Discussions about recent self-defense or firearms-related articles in the News."

It would be akin to being a member of a culinary forum and having someone post a topic on finding the most effective flea and tick medicine for your dog. You can remove your post and a moderator can remove it. No one else is able to.

It symbolizes the UN coming after your guns. This thread is self-defense education.

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Sure it is …

We’re tearing down the ones that depict our history. Something Chinese seems about right to indicate the future.

Meant to add one link:

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The topic of the thread this was added to is for “News and Current Events”, which I believe this falls under.

While we love having discussions and topics about firearms, training, and self-defense, it’s never a bad thing to have other conversations and learn more about others as well as what is happening around the country or world.


Fair enough Tim.

Stay safe.


You as well Frank.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Probably the same sort of thing the Trojans said about that huge horse the Greeks gave them.


from my perspective… some of the stuff going on today… is a heads up… a notice… if ya will…

IMHO there is a interconnections of many things… that point to something…

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From 2009. Really! How did that come to pass? :ghost: Boo!
The NRA must have needed money that year

You can make believe it’s any thing you want. More “chicken littles” running around in circles. :roll_eyes:

This is a very common art depiction in Mexico with Aztec influence.

Eagle and Jaguar warriors were the two main military societies , the highest rank open to commoners. In battle they carried atlatls, bows, spears and daggers. They received special battle costumes, representing eagles and jaguars with feathers and jaguar pelts. They became full-time warriors and commanders in the army.

United Nations Photo

A guardian for international peace and security sits on the Visitor’s Plaza outside #UN Headquarters. The guardian is a fusion of jaguar and eagle and donated by the Government of Oaxaca, Mexico @MexOnu. It is created by artists Jacobo and Maria Angeles. UN Photo/Manuel Elías


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Time to load up some thermite and burn that motherfvcker down.