All Along the Watchtower - A Slight Return

I promised myself that I wouldn’t post anything about the Maui Wildfire but after receiving phone calls from family and friends in Hawaii I decided I would chance it even if some do not understand the underlying politics of Hawaii.

Hawaii is a one-party state in the extreme. 75% of the population voted for Obama. Hawaii maintains all four military services on its’ islands. Sony Corp owns most of the prime real estate - beachfront property. A few years ago the US Navy was accused of allowing drinking water for West Oahu residents to be contaminated by diesel fuel from their ships in dock. So when Maui had their wildfire I was shocked, saddened, but NOT surprised. The military and major Asian-based corporations have always had an eye on Lahaina for commercial as well as military purposes. I’m not suggesting conspiracy. What I’m saying is if you don’t maintain the mechanisms for safety, the odds are high that something like this would happen. Call it Intended Negligence. The globalists have considered Maui (it’s on their websites) a prime candidate and example for their 15 minute city as they try to sell this idea to the rest of America. Sometimes to create something evil you must destroy something good.

And sometimes to create something good you must destroy something evil.


I was devastated by the destruction. We have vacationed there a few times and it is (was? at least currently) one of the most beautiful islands we have been to. Siicily in Spring, when everything is in bloom, I believe is even more so than Maui. I am very disturbed by the government actions and statements after the fact and how many have been confirmed dead and the number of “missing”, over 1,200 the last I heard.

The Socialist Democrats need to be removed from government at all levels. The RINO Republicans are not any better, though. Hopefully the current events will awaken enough people to foment change and “right our ship”.


It will all come out. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Did they really think people were so stupid as to run into an obvious wildfire?

“Had we sounded the sirens that night, we were afraid that people would have gone mauka (mountainside), and if that was the case, they would have gone into the fire,” Andaya said. “So that is the reason why, it is our protocol, to use WEA [Wireless Emergency Alerts] and EAS [the Emergency Alert System].”

WEAs are text alerts sent to cell phones and the EAS uses television and radio, Andaya explained.

Hawaii’s official government website lists “wildfires” as one of the hazards the siren alert system can be used for. However, with power knocked out in the area and no television or radio, residents reported receiving no text alerts or television or radio notifications.

Maui emergency chief resigns following criticism for wildfire response (


Because people can’t see FIRE at night? :roll_eyes::thinking::grinning:


No Sir, But they TRY and convince THE STUPID what happened and why so the stupid agree and say "Oh, those poor people. Let’s donate to the full corrupted RED CROSS! This is a LAND GRAB! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! NO CONSPIRACY NECESSARY. A Thousand + dead, why? because you don’t HAVE to pay the dead to steal their land. They will conveniently re-locate the living, and whatever their MOTIVES for creating this particular disaster may be revealed years later. They don’t hide their greed, corruption, murderous intents anymore. It’s all right out in the open now for all of us to see… CAN YOU ALL SEE IT NOW?


The Horror. The Horror. :cry:

Uncut, unedited video of the aftermath. 1,2,3,4.

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Oprah didn’t waste any time getting down there for a PR opportunity and to see all the land she is going to buy up


She a piece of work that one.(13) Oops! times to ‘Epstein island’ (@ least)


To be fair, wildfires can move fast. What might not seem like a big thing can completely engulf you in short minutes.

I can certainly understand how a siren going on in Hawaii, without other information, could lead people to think tsunami…and get away from the ocean.


There are few things more disorienting than a wildfire. I know - I have been in one. When the smoke is so thick you cannot see more than a few feet and your eyes feel like they are burning in your skull all you can think about is getting away. If there is a breeze you will face and move into it. Problem is that fires move in the direction of the wind.


100% Brother. The islands of Hawaii and sadly Maui in particular have been played big-time. There is a reason why the utility companies are slow to act on accident prevention - it is in the best interest of those in power (no pun intended). The beauty and peaceful nature of Hawaii is unmatched. The land is coveted by many. The average person who lives there gives in to “government policies” as the price of living in paradise. The reality is that it is one of the most controlled places in the country. To see drones flying over the beaches during the pandemic to spy on people not wearing a mask is 1984 to the max. If you want to see the possible future of this country look no further than the beaches of Hawaii.


People were jumping into the ocean to get away from the fire, some drowned, some were picked up by local boats that were able to get away from shore before being burnt at the docks.

The Maui wildfires are proof that carbon zealotry can kill (

Maui company says request for water to fight wildfire delayed several hours while state consulted with farmers (

Attorney: Reason given for not sounding alarms in Maui is ‘absurd’ | CUOMO | Watch (

P.S. Canada is still burning tonight. :fire:

I can smell the smoke here in E. Central WI. tonight.

20.000 ordered to evacuate Yellow Knife, NWT.


???It’s all behind us lets get back to work???

Mayor says West Maui will reopen for business and tourism Nov. 1 | Watch (

New report lays blame on Maui County mayor for botched wildfire response | Watch (