Mike Lindell video

So, Front Sight has been promoting Absolute Truth. I mainly watched it because YouTube and Vimeo pulled it down so quick. It seems fairly convincing, but I already thought the election had been stolen when I saw the video of the lady who sent the Republican poll watchers out of the room and pulled out a case of votes, so I am not a neutral party.

If you’ve seen it, what do you think of it? Does it really live up to the hype? Do you think anything will actually come of it?


Nothing will come of it because the Democrats own everything. They own the media, the house, the Senate, the presidency. nothing will become of it, they’ll all get away with it.

Dictatorship 2021 welcome to the new way of life. You be told what to believe and what to do. If you don’t then you’re labeled a Nazi and you will be dealt with appropriately. Via cancel culture and media destruction of your name.


I watched it and all I could keep thinking was WHY IS THE MY PILLOW GUY the one who is reporting this? This should be a “stop the presses!” moment. It’s obvious to see that nothing will be done. The swamp has control of everything. I would think this would lead to civil war, but maybe I’m the one who’s being fooled. But I don’t think so.


The fact that only a born again crackhead turned pillow tycoon from Minnesota will touch the obvious truth with YOUR 10 foot pole answers your questions. He might as well be howling at the moon.

Look up! For our redemption is close at hand.


What do you suppose is going to happen?

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The biggest thing that came out of all of this, is that a lot of people finally had their eyes opened. No one owns your mind, and falsehoods and phantoms have millions less of minds to confuse today, than a year ago. You cannot underestimate the importance of it, for this is what will build the future, not the talking heads on TV or computer screen.


I don’t care if you don’t like the guy or don’t like the fact he’s a Christian, but show some respect. It’s born again Christian not crackhead.


“I don’t care if you don’t like the guy or don’t like the fact he’s a Christian, but show some respect. It’s born again Christian not crackhead.”

Let he without sin, right?


Guys, he says this about himself very openly. Those who try to hide their weakness, mistakes are still under their influence. Those who search for and manufacture reasons to be offended have their own issues they need to work through.


Let’s not focus on Mike Lindell. The video is not about him or any of us. It is easy to get sidetracked from the issue at hand and that is that the election was stolen. I watched the video and personally, I did not learn anything new, I was already informed. But he did a service to this country by gathering everything up and putting it in one place. He even is able to provide specific evidence right down to the IP addresses used to attack our elections. Moral of the story is that we are now under a fraudulent president. I dont care if you are a republican or a democrat, what happened and what is happening right now with the second impeachment trial should make anyone and everyone who loves this country sick to their stomachs. And even if you voted for Biden, or are a Democrat, let me ask you this. Was Biden your chosen candidate from the Democrat Primary? The reason I ask I because the primary was also stolen for Biden just as the primary was stolen for Clinton. Sanders actually should have been the candidate in 2016. So, while Democrats may be happy that they pulled it off and got Biden in the big chair by any means necessary, but how do you feel about the fact that your votes dont matter to them, that your choice of candidate was not the one who the party chose to put on the ticket? The Democrat party members and supporters have had their election stolen too.


Even though social media has shut the video down, I think it will still spread through people sharing it with friends/family over text, email, etc. That being the case, I think more and more people are going to realize what happened, and there are definitely more people getting ticked off by the social media censoring. I think that’s opened many peoples eyes to the true state of things.

On a side note, the video is what finally convinced my Dad that there was fraud in the election. He was one of the “if there really was evidence of fraud, I’d see it on the news” type… Pretty hard to argue with a list of timestamps, locations, IP addresses, and success logs, though.

Either way, we can’t give up hope for our country. There are several lawsuits in progress, and even if they are ineffective, for a country to be communistic, the citizens have to submit. I don’t plan on doing that, and, from what I’m seeing I don’t think you guys are either. Patriots gave this country freedom once, and they can and will do it again.


LE does not like when private citizens help them do their jobs.


Actually he is the latest one to report it. Every corner of the political spectrum has reported the election was stolen from President Trumps defense team to Time Magazine… the real question is why are the courts ducking their responsibility (SCOTUS) and giving the evidence a fair hearing.


Ok so Mike lindell makes a nice pillow, I like it, don’t have a problem with that. David Hogg will make a “good pillow” . It’s going to be waterproof so the tears won’t ruin it when you cuddle with it. One of his reasons He stated was he needs therapy . 1st true word he said.


I’ve seen it (downloaded it) and discovered a few things I didn’t already know. Assuming Mike Lindell did his homework and all of this is true, I’m afraid I must agree with others; nothing’s going to happen. Too many Americans swallow the propaganda from the MSM, For someone born during the Truman administration, I began to lose faith in our government during Vietnam. It’s been downhill since then, except under a couple of bright spots, namely Reagan and Trump.

I once had faith that Americans of all parties are the good guys and will always do the right thing for our country. I’ve been disappointed too often over the past few decades to remain optimistic. It’s all about power, political and economic. Obama is now the puppet master, and is once again calling the shots.

And by-the-way, Mike L. is proudly a recovered addict. He says so often.


I agree David-65, great pillows. But somehow I feel Hoggs pillows will be a fine product of CHINA.

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Naw he stated they’ll be made in America but unionized convicts. Why would he lie? Haha haha. I can’t believe I wrote that…

Guessing things started going south after Korea, perhaps ww2 when cedeing to much to USSR. Just kept getting worse. & Yes there was a time when liberals had some morals & believed. They’re gone now. As for Obama, he’s just an orator the far left is calling all the shots. There are too many puppets. Too many clowns.


@Pioneer I lost that faith in The American People when they elected Barack Hussein Obama during the Global War on Terror, 7 years after the 9/11 attack, and then re-elected him in 2012. But all hope became lost last year when China launched a devious WMD (biological) attack against the world and our leadership class decided to pretend they didn’t because they don’t want to disrupt global trade ($$$).


My original family moved from the city to the suburbs in 1964. My father wanted us to live without fear and to get a good education. The race demonstrations of that era frightened him. Long lines of black people marching around Midway Shopping Center continuously. This was pretty much before there were malls and this shopping center was the biggest in the area.

There were riots and violence in that era too, buildings burned, bystanders beaten. St. Paul Central High School was half black and there were a lot of demonstrations there. I would have attended there if we hadn’t moved to the suburbs.

We survived. And we got better at understanding the travails of our fellow citizens. It took a long time before we were able to forgive those who fought the war in SE Asia as well as those who didn’t fight and went to jail or Canada or, like Bush II, served in the Guard, or avoided serving by other means.

History goes around and we find ourselves again at this place where race is an issue in our community life. John Lewis, a peaceful man by all accounts and a leader in the changes of that era, had his statue vandalized by the people who invaded the Capitol. I find this ironic. Have we learned nothing?