If Israel goes all in - as they should - maybe the way forward is to let the sea do it’s job. It’s an interesting proposition. But destroying Hamas forever would be worth the undertaking.


Makes me wonder, do they have air pockets like prairie dogs do?


That’s a crime against humanity.

Hamas attempting to destroy Israel forever: :clap:t3:


Hamas is trying to destroy the world. Israel is trying to help the world. Which do you think will survive.


From the looks of things, my money is on Hamas and all their friends! We sent a bumbling fool, I’m pretty sure the “DON’T, DON’T, DON’T speech has them scared out of their minds!
I mean, I am. He just set the world on fire! No, I do not think Israel will prevail! Nor will we!

Vans loaded with terrorists and AK47’s is no match against our single shot massive war machines, the abominable AR-15! Or the “blow your lungs out” 9mm!

I wonder, am I safer with a “gun free zone” sign or a “queers for Palestine” flag, maybe a “cease fire banner” that should hold them off, said no dead baby EVER!

We either preemptively nuke them or it’s their cake to eat! Pure evil barbarism with a taste of savagery makes the world go round!
We’re playing a stupid game here, publicizing troop movements, propaganda, news media spreading and starting the lies, the mindless followers ( and we’ve seen 2/3 of our colleges are terrorist trained! ), the bombs and the bloodshed are real. They have infiltrated our government, representatives of the people on the ground.

And Trump is in court WHY? For words spoken on J6. Are you kidding me, these people are inciting death and carnage, the liberals and democrats are bloodthirsty! You can’t satiate that lust, with DON’T!



@Robin29 Welcome to the family!

@Robin29 welcome aboard. Picture worth a thousand words!
Now all we need is a pretty face to launch a thousand ships!

What’ya think? Or is this the face to launch a thousand nukes?



Hello and welcome @Robin29

Welcome Robin. If you don’t mind I’m putting that meme on my phone wallpaper.

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I’m tempted to take that bet - especially after Joe openly bragged about our military being the most powerful in the entire world. You’re right. Hamas has a lot of friends - especially in the media and in our congress. Currently they are kicking ass in the information war and all we can do is say Don’t. With Rashida Harbi Tlaib leading the charge of Leftists in our government and our technologically advanced U.S. military losing an F-35, yeah, I’d say the odds are currently in their favor. If Joe falls again and hits his head and Kamala takes over, I’m buying an island the Philippines and staying there.


The Spratlys are nice this time of the year.


Nah, don’t go to the Philippines. Tgallic language sounds horrible and unless you like 90+ with high humidity don’t bother. There are some nice US citizen communities in Central America, Puerto Rico(?). They have English language TV and radio. Only have to prove you have, last I heard, a $800 monthly income.


No problem. I got it from FB.