Keep your head on a swivel

the f**king Hamas terrorist have probably already started to kill them or will soon. so bomb the MF’RS back to the stone age. destroy every single one of them. JMO :man_shrugging: YMMV
I apologize if my tone is offensive to anyone


No apologies needed. Bomb the MF’ers back to the stone age. Seems like that’s the time period they want to live in.


The only criticism I have is for your apology at the end. If someone is offended by your desire for justice against terrorists, that is their problem, not yours.


They already live in the stone age… Just make them relive the big bang!!


I did it because of the ‘Karan’s’ trying to head them off. even though I haven’t seen or heard of any real issues on this site.


We have all kinds of tactical nukes that are aging…good place to put them.


Brother Leo, You are preaching to the choir (mostly)
Some TROLL’S are here but on THIS Topic/ in these Day’s of Infamy!
They Better all be silent.
This WAR is a Game changer, This is OUR Wake up call,
and It’s NOT Holiday Inn’s front desk saying the buffet is now open!.
All here best prepare for the onslaught of what will happen on
OUR streets and OUR Back yards when these bastards are Activated!.
The cartels are even getting Embolden by our infighting and Pudding’s
'Welcome All Terrorists" Policies (see for the story.
Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) wore creepy Halloween masks and military-style uniforms.
It’s OPEN SEASON on American’s and all these politicians can seem to talk about
is the 2024 elections… Brother’s WE won’t be here by the time the elections roll
around if we are in the middle of a Terrorist WAR on our own ground.
These phuckers will NOT call ahead like the IDF and say we are attacking here,
here and here, so act accordingly! They are ready to do MAX damage w/ the most casualties!
Terrorists/muslim extremists have no Geneva Convention or morals about KILLING our
Men, Women and Children! there are no rules with them, Just Carnage!
The Traitor’s (i.e: the ‘Squad’, Bernie Sanders, BLM, Anti-phuck etc are all out for our blood )
The Border Patrol miraculously caught (150) Invaders on the Terror Watch List.
How many of the MILLION’S who not only were missed but LET GO! are here waiting
to do as much damage as possible. That’s MILLION’S folks with a Capital ‘M’!
Another post on MSM stated that ‘Blue Cities’ now FEAR the MIGRANTS (because–
‘Who knows who these people really are?’) Like it’s the very first time they considered this
Migrant Invasion an issue THEY will have to contend with.
It was OK for the Border/Southern states to deal w/ THOUSANDS walking across the UN-WALLED borders of Texas,NM,AZ,Cali but wait a second! Hold the phone now you ijits! are getting a feel of the situation when greyhound leaves the driving to us and Buses of Terrorists get dropped off in their cities and now it’s unacceptable. THAT is what makes a Socialist, Entitled Blue Demo piss their pants, when it affects THEM, when it hits their neighborhoods, Their Businesses etc. Then they say Whaaaaaaaaa!
I want my mommy! No fair! DO OVER! Well there is NO do over. We will need to be exterminator’s
now because Pudding phucked us, sold us out! and they went along with it.
So, My advice is the standard advice we give each other all the time.
Head on a swivel
If it feels bad, get the phuck out!
If you can’t escape, Evade, then FIGHT!
Don’t shoot to wound
and most of all, If you want another piece of Cheesecake, HAVE IT!
Because what difference will it make?

God speed my fellow Warriors!
Kill a Commie for Mommy!

Warriors were never trained to retire


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Nukes (I said this yesterday) The Gift that keeps on giving!

Let’s not pay attention to those pesky Expiration dates…

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My wife and I talked about this this morning before we both left for work in Tampa. There was a big pro Hammas demonstration in Tampa. My area made some lists as a potential hot spot.

Head on a swivel, be armed, don’t drive into any corner or area that has more than a couple people, and be ready. I had never thought about it before, but I’ve taken your point, Bro Don, to keep every magazine I have for every weapon loaded and ready.


Going for shock value? Beheading people in the publics eye. What they are trying to do is scare people away, scare them into submission. What they do is Piss the World Off. They won’t like the way this turns out.


They’re doing a really good job of pissing us all off. I am not Jewish, but all my closest friends growing up were. I feel a very deep affinity for the Jewish faith. My best friend of my whole life is Jewish, and his family was truly like my own growing up. I went to synagogue with them on many occasions, and went to weddings and celebrations. I feel like attacks on my Jewish brothers and sisters are an attack on my own people.


Maybe it’s time to drop everything and move to Alaska!
And I don’t do snow or the cold!
I don’t do bullets headed in my direction either!
Thinking about it, we should treat them like the wild animals they are. Take the same approach as you would when facing a grizzly bear!

I doubt we’re going to be covered during an armed invasion or Terrorist strike! It seems all bets are off!

For the second time in history civilian Jews don’t have a means of protecting themselves! Makes me angry the lack of the simple knowledge that being armed saves lives!

Hamas…knowing how stupid the Americans can be, don’t be surprised if this is how it starts! The one place with the most unarmed innocent people! Stay away from theaters, concerts and stadiums! Maybe I watch too many movies, but to Hamas, this could be their opening salvo on American land! If it looks wrong, it is. No second guessing!


I am truly appalled by the savagery of these Hamas/Muslim terrorists. (If I am mislabeling them I do so out of ignorance) But if they do broadcast their executions then maybe just maybe the entire world will finally see the evil that they represent. Or at least the vast majority of the world minus the Muslim fanatics in the Middle East and in our congress. Let Allah sort them out. Let Americans know that Joe Biden’s foreign policy likely supplied these murderous fanatics. Finally, send AOC and the squad to the Gaza Strip for a permanent vacation. They deserve it.


Why are we delaying the inevitable! Nuke Gaza! One bomb 15 minutes, game over! Ok if you’re afraid of a nuke, then just EMP them back to the Stone Age. But it has to stop tomorrow! Like I said earlier, the longer it goes on the more time people have a chance to choose a side! Then it won’t matter who nukes who. It will be all over.

Pakistan will take India, Syria takes Israel, Iran takes the Middle East, China takes Taiwan, Russia takes Ukraine and the U.S. takes a nap!


Isn’t that what the US has been doing for 2 years?


…And Uncle Joe has a phucking BBQ!
Shouldn’t THAT have been the final straw

When will we act on dispensing JUSTICE for OUR COUNTRY?
What will it take? Another 9/11? Hmmm? a series of 9/11’s
The World series or Super Bowl attacked? Mall of America blown up?
What will be THE LAST STRAW?
How many INNOCENTS have to die before we wipe the slate clean
and bring THE PRESIDENT back?
Look at how BOLDLY this Senate and congress are IN Fighting!
Isn’t THAt what the jews JUST DID?
They were so distracted by their own EGO’s and Power Struggles and they
dropped the ball. Aren’t WE doing the same Phuckin’ thing?
OOOOOH wait till 2024 it will all be different!
Yepper!, the one’s left alive will be slaves Have to read to Koran (IN SPANISH!)
I pity the fools who don’t take all this $hit seriously…I do.


or to avoid nuclear retaliation drop a couple of guided M,O,A,B’S on them


ON A 1 way ticket, get ride of these traitorous bastards


I have been labeled the resident troll by some but feel there is a big difference between trolling and dissenting. Troll is often used around here like the main stream media uses the term conspiracy theorist. It is a way to shut down dissent without having to come up with a valid argument against that dissent.

I am all for treating every person who was involved in, planned or supported this operation without discretion. But it plays into Hamas’s hand every time a Palestinian child is filmed being carried out of the rubble. That just breeds a new generation of terrorists. Even if Israel somehow succeeds in erasing Hamas from the map it only buys a short reprieve when the hate, anger and resentment of a new generation end up getting harnessed against them in the future.

There is a big drum beat for war and vengeance now. Those that profit from conflict will be looking to spread it as far and wide as possible. Those that like to let no good crisis go to waste will also be looking to this event to further their goals. What these terrorists did was horrendous. But let’s not repeat the mistakes of 9/11 by letting the terrorists win again. Yes I am unpatriotically saying the terrorists won on 9/11. With their one act of extreme violence they were able to instill fear and hate in the US population and the politicians used those emotions as excuses to take away our freedoms and draw us into decades of conflict on foreign soil largely with people who had absolutely nothing to do with the attacks. While the majority of the people who truly did support and fund the attacks have gone unpunished. This cost us trillions of dollars, thousands of US lives, countless civilian lives and created an even more unstable Middle East that will be an even greater breeding ground for terrorists for generations to come.

Yes we should be appalled and angered by this attack. But the reactions to it need to be guided by reason not emotion. If we follow our emotions we will most likely just end up getting manipulated and guided down paths to places we really don’t want to go. Creating fear, anger and division while taking away our freedoms are primary goals of terrorists. We should be making sure they don’t succeed.


@Shamrock To Be Perfectly Clear. I personally would not put you in the Troll category. 100% Wrong on occasion :wink: A little bit fanatical once in a while :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: But never ever a Troll. The difference? You make thought out understandable arguments, Troll just run lines of :poop: :poop: :poop: for the singular purpose of being offensive.