Understand this: "They" do not think like us - REDUX

We as Americans understand and embrace our lives and the lives of those we love. But not everybody thinks as we do. Not everyone loves Democracy. Not everyone wants to see their children grow and be successful. What we see as good, they see as evil. We stay strapped because we desire peace. They stay strapped to kill us and what we believe in. We believe in life. They believe in death. It is that simple.


On the other thread in this discussion, someone made a comment about most people just wanted to be left alone and live a peaceful life. That’s only true if your entire cultural, historical, philosophical, and spiritual viewpoints do not revolve around one central idea: the annihilation of a different people group. Unfortunately, that’s the basis for Hamas, which is why it’s foolish to assume that they’ll ever be able to live peacefully with Israel. Israel did not start this war, but they must finish it or else they will be completely wiped out in the process.


This is an ancient conflict which has been spilling blood of both sides generations before we were born, and will likely continue doing so generations after we’re all dust in the earth. This is just the latest iteration of a long cycle of mutual hatred and revenge.


“there will be no more Jews and Christian Traitor’s…”

that about puts a neat little Bow on the situation about what is in store for US.


Yes. That’s right. I think the point in this thread is that the situation is black and white. There is no grey. If you’ve ever had to draw your gun it’s more than likely that you drew it to defend life and property (as was in my case). What happens next depends on the state of mind of the perp. In my case I was lucky. The guy got scared, turned and ran. But with people such as Hamas, they embrace the fear and the death that may await them, therefore the only decision is to kill or greatly injure the victim. They are not insane. They are driven by the cause.

It seems unlikely that anything other than an AOC public rant is going to happen in this country, at least for now. And even if something explosive (no pun intended) did happen you can expect the Democrats to say the conservatives caused it by their conspiracy theories.


So much more complicated than it needs to be. :man_facepalming:

Iranians are Israelis’ ‘greatest defenders’ despite regime’s praise of Hamas: Israeli journalist | Watch (msn.com)

You are EXACTLY correct. One of the best lessons I ever received was when a friend of mine, who is a clinical psychologist said, “You can’t rationalize irrational behavior — you can only recognize that you cannot think like they do because your sanity won’t allow it.” In my youth it was one of those paradigm shift moments I will never forget.


Take-away comment.

Back in the 70’s in the San Diego area, a friend of mine was working in a hole in the wall check cashing place. Some middle eastern men came in wanting some paperwork faxed (rare to have your own machine then). They must have assumed that no one in such a small business would recognize classified documents. They guessed wrong, so my friend phoned an FBI agent friend of his and had a dicey 20 minutes or so acting like nothing unusual was happening while the FBI got into position. They were a cell from Iran living in a quiet suburb of San Diego called Lemon Grove.


their book tells em to kill and they will get a good deal in paradise???

the more they kill the better the deal… so there is that…


Yes. You nailed it. It’s not about marrying who you love and raising a family. It’s about death.


We have been over there twice now with all the resources in place to permanently fix this problem.Yet somehow we get shut down before we get the real job done.Its not the military…it’s our leaders.We are soft,can’t take the hard road due to some misdirected idea that we can coexist with them…we can’t .They want us dead.


As others have pointed out, now the division is clear-cut. Supporting the Palestinians/Hamas is for that reason alone supporting raping and killing women, murdering the elderly, and slaughtering infants. It is as simple as that.




Latin: “Let them HATE!
As long as they FEAR!”

But they don’t fear, Death is not feared, It is welcome. Paradise awaits!
How do fight someone who believes that?



Nuff said.

“I Believe it’s time to get our Boots dirty”




we could just follow the money???

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We are obviously too late to the party! Israel is getting flanked and our idiot is on the way to Israel to inform them, they should ceasefire!
We are in some serious doodoo!


That is likely one of my posts you are referring to. I was not referring to members of Hamas who are a terrorist organization dedicated to the eradication of Israel and many Western ideals. I was referring to the countless other Arabs caught in the middle.

Hamas members number only in the tens of thousands located mostly in Gaza where millions of Palestinians live. Yes many Palestinians and other Arabs support Hamas and other terrorist groups. But how much of that is because to not support them would result in significant negative consequences for their families and how much of that is also people believing the empty promises of groups like Hamas that lands will be returned and life will be great if they succeed? Our leaders give us similar empty promises and screw us over almost every time yet we continue to support these people who tell us what we want to hear and ignore their negative actions in hopes that the ends will someday justify the means.

Just because members of a certain group commit evil acts doesn’t mean that everyone who resembles them is evil as well. There are those like the Hitlers, Stalins and certain BLM leaders, etc., etc. of the world who try very hard to convince us that the evils of some are the proof that those “others” are all evil. They do this so they can mobilize the masses to act against those evil others while they get away with their own evil agendas.

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