The Word 'Deserve'

“do something or have or show qualities worthy of (reward or punishment).”

Now a days it seems everyone deserves something. LGBT deserve acceptance. Teachers deserve higher pay. President deserves another term. Foreigners deserve an opportunity. Everyone deserves respect. It seems to be one of the most abused words out there right now. My upbringing and my life experience always asks “Did they EARN it?” . Why do they deserve my money, my time, my respect, my compassion?


I would say my time and my money are significantly different categories than respect and compassion. I don’t ask someone to do something to earn respect or compassion, so much as it is assumed automatically by default. My time and my money, different thing and fair to ask why and default is no until shown otherwise (unless it’s the government and taxes in which case they get what they get)


The only people who deserve anything is your family and close friends. They deserve your time and attention.

As for everyone else they get what they’ve earned.


I believe every individual deserves to be treated with respect until they prove they are unworthy of it.

I also believe we deserve to be allowed to live our own lives the way we choose so long as our actions provide the basic necessities for ourselves and our families and don’t prevent others from doing the same. But this part gets very tricky on a world with 8+ billion people bumping into each other.


I have never understood why it is “greed” to want to keep the money you have earned but not greed to want to take somebody else’s money.
-Thomas Sowell



They don’t.
You want to be LGBTQRSTX, go for it, you deserve it, totally, just not in my face or my child’s face! You want higher pay as a “teacher” then teach and teach well! President thinks he “deserves another term, over my dead body! Then he may have my vote, but never my respect!

IMHO the only thing we all “deserve” is Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! How each of us attains that, is your business. No one has the right or deserves to pursue anything by going through me! In other words, you do you, I’ll do me. Never the two shall meet!

I did my best, I didn’t get everything I strived for, but I’m happy. I NEVER asked for or forced anyone to give me what they have! I never made anyone give up anything they weren’t ready to give.
That applies to all aspects of life.

It almost seems that they can’t be transgendered unless I am!
I truly believe that no child in the United States should ever go hungry, and no one should ever be forced to sleep in the street. We were a land of opportunity, otherwise millions wouldn’t be forcing their way into our country! Illegals don’t deserve a thing. They had the option to come legally, with that, they deserved a chance not a guarantee of our way of life. As a matter of fact, you’re choosing to turn the oasis into a pile of crap! This country will NEVER BE THE SAME. The roads are no longer paved in gold, they are going to be paved in blood and despair! Socialism is great, until the money runs out!

However I do think I deserve Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies at half price!
But I’m not going to steal the extra three boxes nor am I going to force them to lower their prices. We all get what we “deserve”.

Now you may be asking yourself, does this country deserve what’s happening? We let it happen! Nothing can change that. We are where we are, the two have met! The bigger question is where do we go from here?


All anyone “deserves” is a fair chance to make a decent life for oneself. :thinking:


I guess I could have limited that to your one line! But that just wouldn’t be me!


:rofl: I thought the same thing Brother. :rofl:
P.S. Nancy would agree with you about the G.S. Thin Mints cookies. :slightly_smiling_face:


That wouldn’t be you :grinning:


I give everyone respect until they show they do not deserve it. For some people that was pretty darn quick LoL.
People in this country deserve equal opportunity, not Equity.
If the choose not to take the opportunity that is on them and they deserve what they do not get.
All IMHO of course.


My only hope is that criminals get what they deserve


Marxist dogma is “From each according to his deed, to each according to his need.” “Deserve” often falls into defining the “need” of a class.


I have a somewhat different view. I treat everyone with civility and even courtesy until they show me who they are. That’s when I decide if they deserve my respect; if not, they stay in the ‘civility’ zone.

I do give universal respect for every individual’s right to make their own choices. However, I don’t automatically respect what they have chosen or respect them for choosing it, but I absolutely respect their right to make the choice.

But that’s just me.


I don’t think our positions are all that far off.

One difference might be that I feel I can respect an individual who is living their life to the best of their ability even if I don’t agree with some or perhaps even many of their choices. As long as their choices are not harming others and they are not trying to impose their will and values upon others.


Yes. Agree. I would add, as long as a person does not force their choice(s) on me, I am fine with whatever they choose.

The problem as I see it is that many believe that, “… all men are created equal.” This is not true. Everyone is different - even biological twins. But the Left would have you believe otherwise. This is where the conflict begins.


IMO, equal and different can coexist. I don’t think “all are created equal” means everybody is the same.


Delaware got what they deserved as in the topic The Word “Deserve” by keeping Biden in the senate so long.


Yes, this is how life is under Communism, but 1st the society needs to pass the phase of Socialism, when the principle is a bit different, “From each according to his deed, to each according to his labor”, or in different words “He who doesnt work, does not eat”. Aint no wellfare, reparations, guaranteed basic income etc. under socialism. Either government-given job, or work camp it is!
I bet Gen Z’ers would be surprised by this!


Everyone deserves something unless you can answer yes to two or more of the following questions…

  1. Are you concidered Heterosexual?
  2. Are you concidered a Christian?
  3. Are you concidered a white person?
  4. Are you concidered masculine or feminine?
  5. Are you concidered family-oriented?
    Then you deserve nothing.