Liberal vs Unamerican

I didn’t wanna steal the thread “On being American opinion” but I’ve been reading a lot of comments and hints that liberals aren’t American.

Lumping people into large generic groups is very unproductive and divivse. Saying liberals aren’t American is no different than saying conservatives are racist. It is just not true and doesn’t accomplish anything. Yes there are bad apples and that group that has them should do what is possible to separate themselves from the rotten ones. By continuing to squabble over these petty differences is what allows the hard-core socialist and communist to destroy us from the inside.

That being said I will say that I believe liberals need to be better at calling out those that look to destroy or degrade this country. And conservatives need to lead by example, get off the merry-go-round and continue to move towards bettering this country.


Very nice statement !! I agree and thank you! I was mouthy but just can’t help myself sometimes when I see old white men talking about how great it used to be. I am not a person of color, yet I live in Michigan and there are sooo many bigots! Even in my own subdivision. Super nice man lives next door would help anyone… except only whites. I have a bi-racial niece who went through school with 40% people of color and white kids STILL called her slurs. Sadly she dropped out in 11th grade. And, sadly it really increased after the 2016 election when certain leaders promoted by MAGA slogan. We all know WHY that slogan.
So thanks for your insight. What I learned was MY comments, in my post to another person using awfully angry comments, for me scolded and my post removed yet his did not and he even mentioned leaders he would never protect. OH well!!
Guess I will just disengage from commentary.

Please continue to voice your opinions. I try to read as much as I can of all the posts each day (it is hard to keep up sometimes).

From what I have read of your posts so far I will say I agree with some things and disagree on others BUT, you have made me think and reevaluate my thinking and THAT is what is important.

Diversity of thoughts and the sharing of those thoughts make us all stronger.

Just my opinion but I am sticking with it.



Personally, I would take out liberal and conservatives in both sentences and replace them with Americans. We are so much more similar that we are different - no matter what our background. :slight_smile:


Yes, we are, but Suess nailed it. We’re the sneetches.
We have an uncanny ability to focus on what makes us different instead of what unites us.

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MAGA means only that. It is color blind by it’s very attributes. People who imply otherwise probably hate the guy.


Well said; you can’t generalize about ANY group of people because there are good and bad in every group

I’m an old white guy, and I can tell you that back in the ‘60s and early ‘70s, one spouse could make a good middle class income. My mom never had to work outside the home. Yes, there were race problems and Vietnam was a mess, but economically we were better off. I am shocked at the number of people requiring help from a food bank less than a month after we shut down for the pandemic.



My comment wasn’t meant to call anyone out. I know what you’re referring too. My post was based on comments from multiple threads, I began to notice a trend. I simply didn’t want to hijack a thread just to voice my 2 cents.

If you were to go back to the beginning @Dawn has had to put most of us in check at some point or at a minimum bring a neutral perspective into a heated debate.

Maybe it could be a badge of honor. Lol

There are plenty of liberals at the gun range. It’s a shame that they get so much heat from the 2A crowd for belonging to the ‘wrong’ party, and so much heat from ‘their’ party when they stand up for the Bill of Rights. But I find most people at the range to be very polite, regardless of how they vote.


oh that MEGA logo is not color blind. MAGA means it was so much better off in other years. Ppl have improved things so much better than the 1920s, through the 1970s. women have more rights, school segregation is over, women can run a business, AND women don’t wear a bra or a god forsaken girdle the way they use to!! Hurray !!! Also, if a couple decide dad stays home with the kids, most folks don’t care,
Mom can be the bread winner if the family agrees!

Hey, Chris3…:: You and I are most likely the same age it seems. Regarding your Mom not working it was Not so much women didn’t “have to” work in my area of Michigan, they really couldn’t. Waitress, RN, cashier, teacher, or housekeeper plus a few others. Think of the 1950s to 1973, approx, łôô poiloo as that was the year of the Bra Burning when they were sick and tired of not being anything but a low level job or secretary in the Corporate World. Things improved after that. My mom could only get an automotive job here in the Sewing Room!! Like keep the “little lady” sewing and cooking!

That’s the key to getting everyone who shoots (for fun, for protection, or for food) on together on these issues. Gun control and our 2nd Amendment rights are extremely sensitive and overly emotional. If we can start to see through the fog, so to speak, we might all be able to come to some sort of mutual understanding.

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I agree there were lots of issues in the past but I think of it more as a make people proud to be American more than going back to the old prejudices. I can remember my folks bitching about the things government and society did/accepted but still be proud of their country. Believe it or not you can try to better your society without saying screw this country, I hate it. Bring back national pride but keep the drive to improve society for everyone.



… liberals tend to believe government should take more actions to control what society does (usually on socioeconomic issues, but sometimes social issues).

… conservatives tend to believe that government should take less actions on what society does.

Considering many conservatives support the police, military, firefighters, etc. (particularly the personnel), it seems to me that the point of government intervention is simply less than liberals, rather than none at all. I think this also explains why more liberals support more government intervention on 2A rights, while conservatives tend to ignore issues like prisoners, children, etc. being restricted from firearms ownership under the law.

The fog disappeared a long time ago.
When theses words were written.
We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union…
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Unfortunately some Americans can’t understand what that means, however some Americans are running out to fulfill that dream of self protection and finding it, what they call, difficult to acquire a firearm for self defense. Some are even angry, at the very system they created, imagine that! Imagine that!
My question is, what makes it so hard for some Americans to acquire a firearm? We, in this community, meaning Freedom 2A law abiding American citizens, did not wait for the STHTF.
Is it the 4473, the 3-10 day waiting period, NICS background check, or is it the fact that you can’t pick one up off the shelf, online or God forbid at a gun show and take it home with you as quickly as you can get a laptop computer???
Those very same Americans running for the guns, voted for the Americans, who are making it so hard to acquire said firearms!
IMO, greatest joke in modern history.
Can they not see the irony in that. November is going to be very telling.
Based on recent NICS background checks we should not hear a peep about more gun control.


Agree with you. Best line quoted. Well said.

This is because “Conservatives” do not acknowledge social disparities…and “Liberals” do.

However, social disparities do exist…Facts.

Social disparities exist. I lean conservative. Therefore, your theory is wrong.@Ben_Blanc

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Who wants prisoners to have guns?

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