The unintended consequences

You and your wife exit a local grocery store walking toward your car when a dozen ± Latino gang members approach you.
They quickly form a semi circle around you and the gang leader informs you that they are having a party and take your groceries another member grabs your wife and tells you that they are taking her for their party girl.
You shout for help and try to leave grabbing your wife.
The gang quickly grabs your wife and punch you.
You’re stunned but stay on your feet, one of them produces a machete and advances towards you others appear to pull weapons.
You have your CCH permit and carrying. Blading away you conceal your draw and engage the one with the machete first, a good shot to his head ends his attack instantly. The next closest you put a volley of rounds in thoracic cavity dropping him. One of remaining members shoots wildly as they flee, you return fire wounding him, he would survive and be arrested the next day.

The local DA declares the shooting justified and no charges filed, the one gang member that survived is charged and trial set.
You and your wife’s testimony is necessary to put the perp in prison.

This is my ? You killed 2 of the deadly gang members and your testimony will put the wounded member in prison.
The gang has probably killed before or worse they don’t worry about consequences.
How are you and family members going to survive?


I am hoping this is just a mock scenario, but In this day & age of defund the police, letting felons out early, and other crimes with no consequences, my first move would be to get the family to safety in another geographical location, ammo up, and train train, train, with self defense weapon and personal self defense. If you have money, or can borrow it, hire a body guard service temporarily?
I’ll defer to any experts here.

Scary scenario.


How are they going to survive? I just sent two of their gang members to the grave and one to jail. If we keep this up, who know what I can do¿


I guess rephrasing it, is in the aftermath — “thinking about retaliation from the perpetrator group toward the targeted defender”.

Being aware and planning. Others here have lots of suggestions. Also seek advice from the authorities, your attorney, and other crime victims. I’d be very careful with my own privacy if that happened to me.

Lots of LEO’s on these pages, I’d look forward to their advice.

Scary, rare, but sure have been several fictional films based on this scenario; But also many true stories.

Once in my work when I met a recent mugging and gunshot wound survivor, the media interviewed me. Despite my employer’s receiving consent from our victim and our company, I didn’t feel comfortable talking about it then. Maybe I was still afraid to violate the victim’s privacy at the time, but I can see the value in their stories being told. There’s more of that on the tele nowadays.


Be a better shot. :thinking:
I would sleep better knowing I wouldn’t see any of them the next day thanks to Bidenomics.


The closest I’ve ever come to this is sitting on a jury for a gang member that shot his OG, 5-6 times. They offered us protection from the court to our cars but that’s about it. I Did notice that their were several young, tattooed, baggy clothed people sitting in the gallery. In fact a couple of the jury members seemed to be concerned about them. We convicted the guy and nothing happened to any of us, as far as I know. It can be scary for sure, you just need to trust your training and the training of your loved ones.


Good for you. Lots of people believe that they can tilt the outcome of a legal process through intimidation, and it takes courage to stand up to such intimidation and bullies.

Unfortunately, our nation is devolving into a world where insults and intimidation is de rigueur, with the example being set by the Orange man and the J6 crowd who claim that they were not there to harm or intimidate Congress, but merely tourists.

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You write comedy gold, my friend.


And you write fiction

WOW!!! what a come back Mark. You should write for cnn or msdnc. Your skill set would fit in there perfectly. What a dolt.


Its hilarious that he and jan 6 is your example and not the rampant rioting, burning, looting, name calling and vitriol presented by the democrats his entire presidential term


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If 6 people approach my wife and I, I’m probably NOT waiting until they make announcements etc. I fear for my life and 6 against one is more than a hint that deadly force is granted. You don’t need to be physically assaulted to defend yourself, you can use deadly force to STOP the assault from happening. In the above scenario you basically waited too long and F’d up ROYALLY!

At about 40 feet from us or less they’ll be looking at the barrel of my pistol AND my wife’s and there will be ONE announcement. “WE feel threatened and you all better go away. One step in our direction will be assumed to be an act of aggression and we will defend ourselves.”

First responders can pick up whatever is left if they try to approach…. The only thing to think about is the order of priority when shooting them. The guy with the machete is obviously first.

I also won’t worry much about retaliation. I’m ready now and I won’t be ANY less ready after the trial…


I had a parking lot situation somewhat along these lines that I described in more detail in another thread. Only two guys and I wasn’t with my wife or son. I saw them coming and quickly went back into the store before they could get close enough to threaten me or take my stuff.

If I saw a dozen or so gang members standing nearby as I walked out the store I would be instantly turning us around and heading back in.

If the incident occurred somewhat as written I probably wouldn’t be too worried since in order to run into a dozen hardened gang members accosting people in parking lots I would have to be several hours from my home. But if I lived and frequented the area I would be fairly concerned. It is hard to stop someone who wants you dead from succeeding if they are willing to wait for a good opportunity and aren’t overly concerned about getting caught. Plus my family would be at risk whenever I am at work or otherwise not with them.

I would definitely tell my neighbors to keep a watch out for strange vehicles. Gang members would stick out like neon lights in my rural little town.


Around here we are seeing gang bangers acting and dressing like a typical Gen Zer. You can’t really tell they are gang bangers by sight. BUT, if you use good situational awareness and watch what they are doing, you can see gang signs and subtle behaviors that give them away. Like a couple of them staying back from the group, the others following one guy around…


The OP says a dozen +/-. 12 men walking in a group towards my wife, and that requires no questioning of intentions on my part. Actually ANY person walking purposely in my direction will get stopped and questioned about intentions long before they break the 21 foot boundary.

I’ve done that many times when approached in places like gas stations and such. Living in Florida for years, a paradise for homeless and vagrants during the winter, it is common to be approached by folks asking (some quite aggressively) for money every time you stop for gas or go to the grocery store, especially if you drive nice cars.

They get met with a loud “STOP” on their approach. That is usually enough to make them turn around on their tracks.

Strangers feelings mean nothing to me. If their intentions were friendly they will have no problems communicating from a distance. And if not, it’s a stern warning that I’m ready for them and have a zero tolerance attitude for their BS.


Did it last week. Dropped R off at the airport, on the way out a guy wandering around the parking lot saw me and made a Bee Line straight at me. “STAY BACK BROTHER!!!, What’s Up?”. Like you said, he walked away without saying a word.