The unintended consequences

A typical Gen Zer would stand out pretty brightly in this little town as well;) It’s not the kind of place where teenagers and young adults hang out on the street corners or drive around randomly. People who don’t live here usually get noticed fairly quickly and watched very carefully.


I’m sure your being a good person, that love rallied around you and helped your family get secure. Also says to me, I need my family and friends if I ever experience crises.


I’m sorry Brother,
It’s not easy taking a life. No one can TRAIN you up for that. It SUCKS.
And it’s a long lasting feeling. My first (2) shoots were at a very young age.
I felt very much alone in the World. I changed. How can you not?
When all my friends were out Drinking and Playing I stayed home (a lot)
But you get through it , you have to. The alternative was unacceptable.
God Speed Brother.
and once again, I am sorry.



You are not wrong, my friend. It’s not like the movies. That’s for damn sure. It was almost 40 years ago & I remember it like it was yesterday just like some other ■■■■ in the military


I remember (Vividly) in my Dreams
I remember when awake, Sometimes it’s awful (debilitating)
Now @ (63) w/ ‘a few’ OTHER Newer Battles under my belt
a few other Trauma’s the older ones have faded a bit (thankfully)
It’s weird to say and this is just my experiences The first couple were worse.
The newer ones were in Combat and I was more prepared to fight
There was a CLEAR Reason to fight. The Civilian casualties (Gang members)
were just Teenagers and that was real difficult to deal with even though they were
bent on doing me harm, trying to kill me, they were just kids. But Drugs warped their minds
and there was a cold, calculating purpose to their mission and to survive I had to end them.

That’s what SAVED ME. The fact that I didn’t have a choice. In a him or me survival situation
any attacker will lose if I am lucky enough to prevail .


To quote Manny one of the deputies in the movie The Highway Men:

Mostly I dream about dead Mexicans


Thanks for sharing. Sometimes one has to shoot someone to save lives. I think if I was him I would be glad you shot me before I murdered someone.


You should be a motivational speaker at a prison. :wink:


You my Friend saved me so much time trying to appropriately respond to Robert…
My brain rebooted, paused and rebooted again…Thank you K.

All I said was ‘WHAT?’


He has a very dry wit. The best thing to do is just laugh. :sunglasses:


He’s a Nevadian, I get it. :grinning:


Dry heat, makes a dry wit? :sunglasses:


And that’s not what this was?

Or this …

do i really need to post pictures of 2 dozen cities burning over the course of months as compared to one single event that broke a few windows and pissed off a bunch of people who think they are untouchable? took a few gaff pictures at peoples desks and a podium? the fact of the matter is jan 6 was only even possible because Nancy decided to completely ignore the capitol polices security assessment simply to allow this to happen so that people like you can try to use this nonsense form of moral superiority argument


I can be slow on the uptake sometimes but my brain kicks in at some point and I apply the rules from the Naval War College.

  1. Never argue with a pig, you both get dirty and besides the pig likes it.
  2. Never argue with an Idiot, the people watching can’t tell the difference
  3. It’s better to take action than to ask for permission.

What teenager/young adult drives around for fun or hangs out on street corners anyway (besides those generally up to no good)? They’re generally at home on their phone or playing video games!

When I was a teenager I had used to hang out on the corner all night long. Oh wait. Never mind.


People don’t do that in our little town because there isn’t really anything to see or do here. Unless you are interested in the outdoors. Most people young and old around here are either hiking or biking on trails or driving around exploring Forest Service roads. Not sure whether the the few teens around here are doing that as well, heading into the nearby “city” where they have to go to high school or just spending all their time looking at screens. I do often see groups of kids on the corners in the “city” all standing in a circle and staring at their phones. Most likely texting each other instead of looking up to actually talk to the people they are with. Wonder if evolution will remove our vocal cords due to lack of use and give us some extra thumbs for typing;)

I did a fair amount of driving around or hanging out in parks playing basketball or baseball when I was in my teenage years. Some of our activities may have strayed into the grey areas between good and bad but aside from being inexperienced drivers we weren’t a threat to anyone.

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