The Texas Border. We have to seal it now

We have so many foreign people coming in to the United States :us: from all over the world. And Texas is . The port of ENTRY. And they are coming fast and trains thousands of foreigners from all over the world. We HAVE TO SEAL THE TEXAS BORDER . We are going to LOSE OUR COUNTRY . We have to VOTE FOR PEOPLE THAT BLEAVE IN AMERICA :us: FIRST . AT ALL COST . :chile:


WE had a President performing that job to seal the border but was “removed” from doing a good job by others that think Biden is much, much, much…, better!!! By the way, is Biden back from vacation yet?


Brother I have voted Republican for REAGAN AND I HAVE VOTED FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP TWICE . I AM INDEPENDENT NOW . Any one that help us . GET OUR SELF RESPECT BACK I WOULD VOTE FOR A DEMOCRATIC OR A MARSHEN YA KNOW THE LITTLE GREEN F…CKERS. Please. SOME TAKE THE WHEEL . To who ever can DEFEND US A THIS POINT I HAVE THEIR SIX. With all I.HAVE . STRAIGHT.UP. I PRAY WE GET EVERY ONE . That can defend us . On the same. CHANNEL . PDQ. I AM . IN . Bobby Jean . LIVE FREE :bangbang::100: OR DEATH :owl::feather::feather::us::us::us::chile::100::100::100::100::100::100::100::100::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blossom::blossom::blossom::cherry_blossom::dizzy:ALMEN.

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Is bitme Back from vacation :question::question: HE HAS A LOT OF HELP TO BE DOING ALL THE CRIMES THAT HE AND HUNTER ARE DOING NOW AND WE JUST CAN NOT FIND A LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIE TO AREST HIM WE SEE SO MANY CRIMES THAT THEY ARE DOING BUT NOT ONE LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY WILL DO THE RIGHT THING AND PUT THEM IN PRISON FOR A TRIAL . And the American people are going to pay for everything that president bitme has DONE .:bangbang::owl::feather::feather::chile::us::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Bobby Jean :bangbang:

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