The Reluctant Partisan, Volume One: The Guerrilla

In his first book, the author of the Mountain Guerrilla Blog, “John Mosby,” offers a comprehensive look at the skills used by the traditional guerrilla force, in accordance with Special Forces Unconventional Warfare doctrine, and applies them to the modern prepared citizen’s needs.

Beginning with mindset and physical fitness, as well as other individual skills like rifle handling, land navigation, and tactical combat casualty care, John moves on to provide an in-depth primer on small-unit tactical skills, from patrolling to the most important battle drills for dismounted infantry, before moving on to planning considerations, escape-and-evasion, and more, before closing the book with appendices that include several of his own training programs for combat rifle and TCCC.

A complete training program, including what and–more importantly–why of all the skills and tasks discussed.


there are many more books available!


Looks interesting.

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