The Plan to put barry back in the Cesspool! (WH)

“Talk is heating up again about “Big Mike” Obama being the Democrats’ choice to replace Joey the Scapegoat when they finally pull the plug on his sham presidency. Arguments against that possibility always seem to focus on Michelle’s glaring lack of qualifications, but they miss the point that that IS the point – everyone will know that it’s all a charade to put Barack back in the White House (in person this time and not via his drooling avatar, Joe.) It also won’t hurt “her” chances among the Groomer generation of Dem voters that the Joan Rivers “curse” still casts transgender shade on the former first lady. BUT her true role in 2024 would be as Barack’s shoehorn past the Constitution – and the more obvious that strategy is, the better the Dem turnout will be (the actual turnout, not the true blue cemetery vote that’s always 100%).”

That was just a 'Taste of this writer. I Like this guy: Scott Lively He writes like I think!


Yup. That. :point_up_2: Perfectly said.
“Michelle” is the perfect conduit for “Barack’s” FOURTH term. This, quite simply, would be the coup de grâce for America. It cannot be ANY clearer if you are paying attention.


back in? IMHO he never left…


I thought he was still there… Just disgusting himself as a senile old f…k


Precisely. The real enemies are the deep state people who were never elected and seem to be unable to be gotten rid of. People like Samantha Powers, Victoria Nuland, Valerie Jarrett, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Bill Gates and all the names you hear daily. They collectively sit around the big black table and decide what we plebs get to eat, drive, how much energy we consume, what poisons are forced into our bodies and that our vote really doesn’t matter. I believe these people are simply another layer underneath the globalist cabal of the UN/WEF/WHO. And there is very likely a spiritual/demonic battle going on above them. We must not comply.


After you’re disarmed and labeled the enemy.


While I agree that being First Lady should not qualify anyone for being President I would argue that Trump didn’t have any more direct experience in politics before his first term. That was one of his main selling points.

I just don’t see this happening outside of the wet dreams of some liberals and the nightmares of conservatives. Fmr. President Obama can have plenty of influence and power behind the scenes and an easier ability to profit from that power legally and illegally from the shadows. I also don’t see him having much influence with Biden. They never liked each other and if he was having significant say he would be pushing Biden not to attack the 2A. He was smart enough when in office to recognize that violating the 2A was a loosing political proposition. He took almost no action against the 2A while in office. Trump on the other hand succeeded with more anti 2A actions while President in 4 years than Obama did in his 8.


I’m sorry Brother but he is the man (Boy lover that he is) behind the Throne.
He is pulling the strings of the Pudding Marionet. He’s been there ALL ALONG!
I also believe he isn’t the POWER behind it all just another NWO Messenger boi !
Some of you folks have been using terms like ‘Cabal’ and ‘Deep State’ and I am so
proud to be one of you guy’s. But I lose people when I say what I truly feel so I try to keep it
basically Guns, 2A, OUR Rights or FREEDOM to keep the conversations flowing.
Because that’s what this forum is about but it isn’t the BIG PICTURE!
I AM a TRUMPER, MAGA, PATRIOT, Flag waving, Freedom loving Gunner ‘wphew!’
This is the Ultimate battle being waged right now for all the marbles. This isn’t just Guns and Rights.
The devil Exists! His acolytes are down here in force. They need to destroy this great country
in order to rebuild it into the Socialist/Marxist/Progressive Nirvana that Hitler (also a Puppet) FAILED to achieve!
But these demons are using the same playbook, It almost worked in the past! Other countries have fallen ! Any country that has been disarmed (and the list is extensive is now deep in the sh** of evil change and getting worse by the day). The Farmers across the globe are FED up! The Patriots are FED UP ! Ireland is now feeling the push for severe change and they are now fighting back. You disarm a people you can control those people. It’s the first step in Totalitarian Ruling. ONE WORLD ORDER. The ridiculousness of (15) minute cities, banning travel, 'lectric everything,.gov food stores and on and on is what they want…‘DRONES’, no Free will, No free thought, No FREE-DOM!.
Look at the Brainwashed-Indoctrinated College kids already , look at the open Hostility already displayed in this Terrorist Palestinian Movement. Destroy the Jews! It’s always been about Destroying the Jews!
Brothers and Sisters if you think this will calm down after the state of Israel is gone please never think that again, because WE are next! The influx of Invaders, The crazy Banning of Fossil Fuels, the 'Lectric movement is all part of this MASTER PLAN. It doesn’t matter if parts of the Plan doesn’t work or make sense, they will dispatch that part and insert another until this plan is fulfilled.
Throwing sh** against the wall till EVIL gets what it wants is all part of the distraction, Deception and Dis-information to keep us off kilter and Angry. Angry and upset we will make mistakes. And then they have us. (more to follow if asked)


I might have more faith in Trump if he wasn’t pro assault weapon and magazine ban before deciding to run as a Republican for President and didn’t do so many anti 2A things while president not to mention his statements about wanting to unilaterally enact new assault weapon and magazine bans while in office.

I think at best he might be a hard to control variable for those with nefarious agendas but I don’t trust him to protect my freedoms.


OK, Fair enough, he did that. FACT
But look past that to what he DID DO for us (a lot!)
Look at what he is saying NOW!
Everybody makes mistakes (especially when you are NOT a Career POLITICIAN :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:) I can’t explain, nor will I try to you why he did that.
Like everything else the list can differ whom you talk to. Tit for tat, he had to say that to get this who knows but if that is the only drawback to supporting him and the cause that could be a very narrow view Brother.
Look @ Starship Earth, Real Raw News THAt is what he is doing NOW! He is in it FOR US! For the
UNITED STATES of AMERICA to be Whole, Free and a Super Power again. Not to destroy any country, WAR with everybody like this POS in the Big Chair. He just wants us to be left alone! FREE!
He made a mistake, FORGIVE HIM. He is the Hope for a safer future. For a Brighter Future!
For a Future Period! These Demon’s want WAR, Pestilence and Misery, Take away all our FREEDOM’S, Control us, These Phucks are suppose to be working for US!, They are suppose to be 'Governing FOR US!
Are you feeling anything like that? I’m sure as PHUCK not!
I follow the rules and the Laws set by Greater men in a time that Freedom mattered and these asshats are trying to destroy every bit of that! Negate HISTORY! Tear everything we’ve built to sh**! No SIR!
I am done with these self serving, Criminals, With the Devil. I will support this MAGA movement to Victory or die trying! I’ve fed the tree of Liberty! and if I have to will do so again FREELY! I’ve still got my upper body that isn’t mostly Metal! I don’t have any kids as you know but there are American Kids out there that deserve a chance to be whatever they wish to be and NOT told they aren’t the sex God made them !
GOD don’t make mistakes! or any of the other perverse crap these Pedo’s, Child Traffickers, Adrenochrome drinking bastards are trying to do.NO SIR! Going home to Heaven is a Promotion supporting this cause, not something to be feared.
(Cue Karacal and the Flag waving kid!)

Ahem, and now back to your regular ‘Programming’–see even that word is part of the evil they’ve built!
Programming, NO SIR!

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For those who see faults in Trump, they bring some valid points. But consider this. You have to choose between the flu and a cancer.
Personally, I pick the flu.


AMEN Brother, AMEN!


‘Barry’ and his ilk, doesn’t stand a Phuckin’ chance…They had their moment, they killed a lot of INNOCENTS.

adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!!
Nessun passo sul serpente

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Don’t want to go tit for tat but it wasn’t a single mistake it has been a very consistent pattern of intentional thoughts, actions and inactions from Trump on the anti 2A front. Lots of other reasons he won’t be getting my vote including the 7.8 trillion reasons he added to the national debt in just 4 years. Let me spend 7.8 trillion dollars I don’t have without having any accountability to ever have to pay it back and I’ll make sure the vast majority of people feel like it was the best 4 year party ever instead of just the people at the top. Unfortunately the bills for all that reckless money printing for the last several decades are coming due. Bankrupt countries suck to live in no matter who is in charge.

But I wouldn’t worry about my vote. The people I vote for never win and the Dems’ actions in CO and ME along with the fact that Biden is clearly suffering from dementia and no one wants Harris for president aside from the Crony Capitalists makes Trump’s chances pretty good this time around. In which case I hope I am completely wrong about his anti 2A leanings since most the other Republicans likely won’t be brave enough to stand in his way if he starts banning the “scary looking” firearms.


OK, We agree to disagree…
Peace Out