The elephant in the room/ Bloomberg in the room

What do we do now that the presidency is about to be purchased, all in an effort to remove the current president! Not for the best interest of the country?
Bloomberg will buy his way into our White House. Now we’re boarding on dangerous!

I don’t think the Dems themselves like him much. Not sure if he will make the cut. Even the latest SNL skit made fun of him. And believe it or not, all the democratic candidates were put through the ringer.

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IMHO Bloomberg is a non starter for the presidency. He can throw money at the wall all he likes but it won’t help “HIM” win. That said the effects of his money was significant in the VA elections even though the tide had been turning blue in VA for some time. The Republicrats would do well to note his playbook and apply it to contested and uncontested races across the country for House seats.

If the news media continues unabated in their left wing push it will be hard for conservatives in the future. The one thing that may change the tide in the media is a very significant defamation law suit by young Mr. Sandeman. If the media takes a huge financial hit along with plummeting ratings as well as the potential fall out from the Horowitcz and Durum investigations it might be spectacular. Then there is the whole Joe Biden fiasco with him bragging “You’ve got 6 hours, fire the prosecutor and you get the Billion. Well Son of a B!otch, they fired him.” The next six months are going to be “interesting”.




That elephant in the room is throwing around more than money, now he’s throwing around confiscation!.
This is not good folks!
Anyone have any ideas, because the constitution doesn’t seem to be working!