The only things they should ask to buy a gun!

If possible, may I add a # 4 to your list?

  1. No prohibited signs, and that we please also be allowed to ‘carry’ in all forests, for our hunting & fishing brethren”
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First i never say it should be required!!! Is SOOOO simple, they will check the surveillance cameras, witnesses, where u aas at that time, if is cameras where u was, they will check ur firearm before even talking to u!!! Fingerprints wont put u in jail without doing nothing illegal thats a facts… ohhhh now is the 4th so tell me how?? because i dont get it!!

We have a right to privacy. We should not have to hand over our fingerprints, DNA, phone tracking records or anything else in order to exercise our other rights.

And what if there are no cameras at the store to verify you weren’t there at the time of the killing? Now you are looking at potentially having to hire a lawyer to prove your innocence.

Did you hear the story of the guy who became a prime suspect in a murder simply because Google handed over his phone tracking information without a warrant? That info happened to show he had ridden his bike by the crime scene several days in a row. It took him over a year and many thousands of dollars in lawyers fees and a bunch of missed work to clear his name. Not to mention the stigma of his friends neighbors and employers being asked questions showing he was a suspect. That is what happens when we allow our personal information. (like fingerprints, etc.) to be gathered, tracked and shared with LEOs without any probable cause.

Purchasing a firearm does not make a person a potential criminal. Many of the real criminals already have their fingerprints on file and they don’t purchase their firearms legally anyways.


Where does this idea come from, making everyone feel like they are felons and being processed for jail. No, thank you.

Meantime, real felons, despite fingerprints already in the system, are getting guns, drugs, whatever they want - with ease.


The second amendment is a right not a privilege. But now that you have your first firearm I would like to see you get some basic training and safety and operation. I would also like to see as time goes on you progress in your training of course these things are all voluntary.


Every step of the way.


That should apply to condoms as well…teehee

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Fingerprints? Or penisprints? :no_mouth:

Unfortunately, in almost every case of politics, power ends up abused. Hypothetically, let’s say fingerprinting for a firearm is unforced. Sooner or later, some alphabet agency is going to say “hey, since we’re trying to ban (insert firearm or related item), let’s check that handy dandy database of fingerprints for people to flag and oppress. While we’re at it let’s use that to find out what other items they own.” There’s really no point in mandatory training… either someone wants to learn or they don’t. There’s a saying about a horse and water that goes well with this. If training were mandatory, there would be people that never learn or retain any of it.


We can set limits on those alphabet agencies, but that’s not really working out so well currently.


To check if ur are qualified to own a gun!!! And is my opinion :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

How??? Because the other person didn’t explain me how infringe to bear arm!!!

That would be unconstitutional…

Thats on u if u will like another man touching u down there, because we are talking IN a different line!!!

Trust me i been had my first firearm a long time a go and yes i had train, took a safety course and took hunting classes!!! But i think not only in the gun owner safety but i think in everyone safety and what can happen with just one bad decision!!!

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So would mandatory training before owning a firearm. Also, alphabet agencies are already doing that. They’ve gone to some states to try to gather handgun permit information. They’ve gone to stores for lists of people that bought items they say are now illegal. They’ve far surpassed the legal limit of their abilities. Why would they care about the constitution all of the sudden?


I put training because i think everyone should know how to properly handle a gun for their safety and other’s!!! Negligent discharge of a fire arm is a felony, so u will had them to train before or let people lose their right over a conviction tgat could been prevented???

We let people get hammered and then get behind the wheel of a car and kill people. Would I prefer people get the training they need? Absolutely, but there’s a thing called choices. Every person on the planet makes them and has that right, but not all choices are the right one. One can argue that the broad assumption that people aren’t responsible enough as a whole to seek training means people aren’t responsible enough as a whole to own firearms. How would you regulate cherry picking the ones that aren’t responsible enough without punishing the whole community of firearm owners? In the words of Mr George Jones, we’re living and dying with the choices we make. How about making quality firearms training more affordable to the community of firearm owners? Government funded firearms training sounds pretty good to me. I’d rather my taxes go to that instead of a bunch of politicians that push sexual content on children and make felons out of concerned parents.


Much gun control has been passed under the guise of safety

Just say no to infringements on our Rights and Liberties


Make the " F" and “E” in BATFE great again!!!