The only things they should ask to buy a gun!

From my point of view, there are three things that i see necessary for anyone that want to buy a gun for the first time!!!
1. Safety course ( + fundamental at the range )
2. Universal background check (+ in every buy)
3. Fingerprints


There are many opinions on this subject, and I agree with you to a point. On #1, I’ve sold firearms to several people that have no idea what they are doing or what they need. It is their right to buy a firearm whenever they want, if they are able. While I suggest education classes to people I feel could use them, it is up to them to decide what they want to do. I didn’t see “shall not be infringed, excluding a firearms safety course” the last time I looked at the constitution. If we institute that condition “for the welfare of the people” , what keeps the government from eventually taking all firearms for the same reason? On to #2… If I want to sell my neighbor a firearm, I already have the ability to drive to an FFL and do the transfer with an FFL to cover my ass. However, what percentage of criminals barred from buying guns legally attempt to do so? Do the universal background checks apply to cartels and arms dealers too? For those that aren’t currently barred from buying firearms, what do background checks guard against? How affective were the background checks the shooter completed in Tennessee? Not very… How effective was the background check for the gun that the 6year old obtained to shoot his teacher? Not very… There’s a pretty good list of examples of this. #3, what do fingerprints do? Put law abiding citizens on a government list? I don’t know of any other purpose that’s proactive and not reactive. Reactive measures don’t do much good when the perp is shot to death in the process of stopping the threat. I could be wrong though… it happened once, and statistically, the odds are that it happens again eventually lol.

I appreciate your contribution to the forum and would be interested in understanding your stance, if you’d help me do so. I understand that there are people here that agree with you, some that don’t, and some that kinda do. That’s the beauty of opinions. They don’t all have to match.


100% Negative. As to training, yes, necessary, but not government mandated.


I must disagree.

In my opinion, all 3 of these constitute gun control and are unconstitutional infringements the Right to keep and bear arms.

You are age of majority (18+) and not currently incarcerated? Have at it.

If the government is mandating any of those to buy a gun, that’s gun control and is an infringement.

(don’t worry if you disagree, I regularly favor too much Liberty and Freedom for most other people, I’m used to it I promise lol)


Now, as for what I recommend to people person to person…totally different story.

Get some training and I don’t mean just a hunter safety course and you’re good to go for concealed carry or firearm ownership the rest of your life.

Edit: And to really find out, go to some competitions. Even just a bowling pin match or a little club local range level defensive thing. Something that puts you on the clock and on the scorecard doing what was presented to you and not what you chose to do


#1. Will that be cash or credit?

#2. Would you like some ammo to go with your purchase?

C’mon man this country used to buy guns mail order. Just laws that make people feel good. No more, enforce what we have and prosecute.


I guess we can be glad that the Constitution doesn’t require it-- otherwise it would be a privilege and then be controlled by the government and ATF.


There is a marked difference between adjectives “necessary” and “mandated”. Seeing universal background check and fingerprinting, I must assume all 3 points would be mandatory, and non-compliance a criminal offence.

No. To all 3 - N.O. Its not me saying - US Constitution is. You proposal is illegal. Nice try though.

  1. psychiatrist report confirming mental stability
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Give them time, they’re trying their hardest.

  1. Good character references from neighbors, coworkers, esp. ex’s.

I would love to see all firearms stores offer or recommend affordable and easily accessible training to all firearm buyers. The 2A says you can’t mandate it though.

I also think that #2 and #3 are infringements as well and offer little to no deterrence for the majority of dangerous criminals who will steal, purchase on the black market or pay straw purchasers to acquire firearms.

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Hi Chocky. How goes it?

Pretend 20 people are in a purple room, 10 pro firearms rights, 10 anti. All 20 are tasked with writing the rules, but one in which all 20 must agree to. Is that not our country?; Or are we all exactly the same. I might not like it, but share the country will those who disagree with me.

What would the rules look like from the purple room? Not too different from what you outlined Chocky? If we calculate the results from all our 50 states, does it result in complete 100% freedom, no “laws”; Or is it kind of like a hodgepodge?

On a positive note, for most of us here, we have a lot in common; or at least appreciate our freedom.


Is very simple, is my point of view! Whatever someone thinks thats how they see it is like 69 all depends from where u look it at will see a different number!! So safety course because not everyone knows how to properly handle a gun and dont even know the 4 rules!! Background check just in case something happens for example like a hit a run, they left avoiding responsibility but a week after he find out the person dies and he decides to not go to jail before fighting so he doesn’t know he got a warrant and try to buy a rifle or whatever!!! The fingerprints is to find out a little more easier whenever someone is doing something illegal and be track to the right person!!! In my opinion if u go by the book those things should not bother because those things will never affect a law abiding citizens!!! And im not saying this will prevent something but at least it will be always in ur mind that ur fingerprints are in the sistem and if u do something illegal is more chance that u can get caught and will think about it twice because no one want to be in jail

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Where that will infringe to bear arm??? Safety course so u can prove that u won’t get hurt or hurt someone u dont want!!! Background check to see if u dont got warrant because that will take that right from u!!! And fingerprints just in case u are thinking that can get away with a few things think about it twice before doing something stupid that can hurt or kill someone!!! The fingerprints is just to try to cut off those who legally buy it and sell them

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There is a reason we are a representational republic and not a democracy. The founding fathers designed it so the tyranny of the majority could not be easily forced upon the minority. Even if 19 of the people in the room want to take away the 2A rights of the 20th they can’t do it without a lengthy constitutional process requiring passing a new constitutional amendment.

That’s the way it’s supposed to work anyway.

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This country just to have slaves and not because of that is cool… thats my point of view looking at from a different angel and not to prevent because thats way to difficult but is to get more tools if someone get away and to put in people mind that if u buy a legal gun even if u erase the serial number u can get caught by fingerprints and who knows if people will think more of doing that

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That would be a violation of the 2A and the 4A.

Amendment IV

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Are you saying that every firearm purchaser provides probable cause that they may someday become a criminal simply because they exercise their right to self defense by purchasing a firearm?


How a fingerprints will violets ur 2A??

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To continue with the fingerprint requirement as a clear 4th amendment violation theme.

You go to a store and purchase something and rest your hand on the counter before leaving. A criminal comes in later that day and shoots the clerk. Cops take fingerprints at the scene of the crime. Suddenly you are a prime suspect simply because the police are able to match a fingerprint from the scene to your fingerprints they forced you to provide when you legally purchased a firearm years before this incident.

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