The only things they should ask to buy a gun!

Not everyone made the right decisions in life and if u ask them they will always tell u the same thing. i wish i should know better and thats why this country is down the hill because everyone just thinks about them self and if it benefits them!!!

It’s not the government’s role to infringe on our Rights and Liberties ‘for our own good’

BTW, not that an increase in safety would justify the infringement, but, it doesn’t even seem to be an increase in safety anyway. Nobody has been able to show a difference in accident or negligence rates between states that require training for permits and states that don’t

Let’s not support gun control


I understand what you’re saying, and I agree that people regret decisions they make…I think we are all those people at several points in life, but you can’t mess people’s free will. That’s what got us on this path, not the free will. When the government started screwing with our ability to decide things for ourselves, and decided they knew best is when the country started it’s journey to where it currently is.

Would a government training mandate change any of that? How would you mandate learning, paying attention, and retention of information?

Do you work for free? Would you plead guilty to a murder you didn’t commit? If not why?


Does this training need to be from a federally “licensed” trainer? I learned firearm safety and how to shoot as a very young child. I got my NRA pistol trainer certification, as well as having taken other government mandated training to obtain my CC permit. I can honestly state that none of the training I got as an adult with the paperwork, so to speak, stood-up to what I learned from my father. I found those classes severely lacking comparitively.


That idea sound appealing, just IMHO.

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Thanks for keeping this civil, one of the more delicate of subjects indeed. But I think most - if not all of us here support us having at least “core” rights.

For all sides, I worry about “throwing the baby out with the bath water”. Who among us wants to abolish Drivers’ Education, or drivers licenses? It does not guarantee of “no car accidents” or no vehicle malice, however - do we see a value in it?

Stay safe.

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That is why the government should require firearm safety training in schools. Because of the 2A the government can’t mandate training as a prerequisite for exercising the right to keep and bear arms. But the government could mandate that kids get a basic firearm safety class in kindergarten and/or first grade, etc. as well as require the successful completion of more advanced firearm classes in order to get your high school diploma.


In Arizona several years ago the state legislature tried to pass a bill that would provide you a tax deduction for the cost of any firearms classes you took. Unfortunately it didn’t pass. I thought it was a great idea because it would incentivize people to get training.


Why, u say it ur self a murder that i didn’t commit!!! So why would i plea guilty?? But u didn’t answer my question!!! So u rather have someone get a felony because they didn’t had the right training to carry and safely handle a gun over a negligent discharge or other reasons that could be prevented with training before owing a gun??

For ne training is ine the most important thing before owning a gun!!!

Ain’t no one supported gun control at least not me is just that in my point of view i think it can prevent more accidents

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You are doing nothing but supporting gun control in this thread. Laws that control who can and cannot own or carry guns are gun control.

I am sure you think your gun control suggestions are ‘for the greater good’, for safety, to prevent more ___…much gun control is passed under the guise of safety.

If you have to get a mommy may I permission slip from the government before being granted the privilege of owning or carrying a gun, that’s not a Right, it is a privilege.

Just say no go gun control.

PS: Again, it’s not even a safety or accidents thing in reality, nobody, not even the most ardent supporters of gun control, have been able to demonstrate that states which require training have a lower accident/negligence rate than those that do not. (even if they could, it would still be wrong to pass these gun control laws that turn what is supposed to be a Right, into a privilege)


In fact, I would propose people are less safe with required training and permits. Why? Because the more law abiding people we have out there exercising their uninfringed Right to keep and bear arms, the better off everybody is.

Every hoop or piece of red tape put up in the way of allowing people to exercise their ‘Right’ acts to reduce the number of people who do so. And, believe it or not, letting people have and carry guns is a good thing. The more who do so, the better off we all are. Requiring registration of gun carriers (aka carry permits) deters some people from going through the process because of reasons (time, money, laziness, apathy, whatever). That is the point, from the gun control angle…‘they’ know that every thing added to the process reduces the number of people who do it.

Let’s not continue to insist there be more gun control and more government red tape and more restrictions on the privilege of carrying a gun. Let’s have it be an uninfringed Right


Assuming first you are a law abiding citizen:

Anytime the government ties a requirement for anything you do they are telling you that they are in control and that it is a privilege and not a right. A privilege can be revoked. A right does not fall under the whim of what party or who is in power at the moment. We keep shaving little bits off the edges of our rights in the name of safety. Hopefully you know what Benjamin Franklin and others said about doing that.


Well said!

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I did answer your question. Basically, you can’t force anyone to learn if they don’t want to. The same way criminals can be repeat offenders… It’s a choice we all have to make. Those that currently sign up for training currently are the only ones that would gain anything from mandated training. There’s always that person that says “we passed the NFA to restrict rights, why can’t we do it again in the 90’s. We passed the NFA and the AWB in the 90’s why can’t we restrict magazine capacity. We restricted mag capacity, why can’t we mandate training for firearms ownership.” We have to end the cycle and stop setting conditions and limiting rights before it’s too late. Small things lead to big things. The whole constitution and the bill of rights rides on the second amendment. Without the 2nd, you lose all the rest.
You wouldn’t plead guilty to a murder you didn’t commit. I’ll go a step further… you wouldn’t plead guilty to a murder your child committed. Why? Because it’s not your problem. You would 100% agree that if someone murdered someone else, regardless of the circumstances because it’s not your responsibility and doesn’t benefit you. The Taliban claims attacks not perpetrated by them to bolster their reputation as an organization. Serial killers have claimed victims that weren’t theirs for whatever reason. You can’t tell me it doesn’t happen because it has, but the normal everyday person, even you and I generally only look out for ourselves and what’s best for us and our family. It’s the reason you carry a firearm, no?


That is unfortunate. Firearm safety is a big deal, even to politicians. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to improve apon that when you have the chance? It goes to show that politicians want control, not compromise.


Or in other words it shows that when politicians say they want to make us safer through gun control what they really mean is they want to disarm law abiding citizens.

There are a lot of things government officials could easily do right now with bipartisan support if their true goal was to make people safer. But obviously they don’t truly care about our safety. They apparently only have their personal agendas, and those of their big money backers, that clearly take precedence over the safety and security of average US citizens.


Q: How was training conducted back in the 18th century?
Methinks we are underestimating the value of the family unit.

Now, imagine proposing all three from the OP to the Founding Fathers.
I would like to see the look on their faces.

Law abiding citizen gun owners have been put on the defensive for so long, all three proposals would fall under “common sense” gun laws when what’s lacking is common sense among common folks. Three infringements if we’re being honest about it.
America :cry:


They didn’t have fingerprinting or background checks back then so the we shouldn’t be able to use it now… you know since they didn’t have “assault weapons” back then either, and that can be used as a basis to ban :poop:. :thinking:

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