The Laughably Predictable Arrest in Biden Bribery Scandal

(I’m sorry folks, I know this picture is CREEPY! But it proves my point–Dementor-in-chief!

Hunter Biden has yet to be indicted, although his list of crimes and potential crimes is longer than a Polish last name.

Human trafficking, drugs use, money-laundering, FARA violations, and possession of a firearm by a felon only begin to form the list of Hunter Biden’s crimes. So in typical Biden administration Gestapo tactics, they arrest the good guy.

We hear phrases like “weaponizing the justice system” against adversaries, and this epitomizes that scenario. Joe Biden has yet again arranged for his henchmen to target a Biden accuser.

Peaceful January 6 protesters are rotting in prison over a Democrat-contrived farce that they use in an attempt to keep Trump from serving his rightful second term. And to hedge their bets, the Biden administration works with Democrats and RINOs in Congress and state attorneys generals, and large city DAs to beat Trump into submission. Clearly, EVERY case against Trump is an orchestrated move to thwart the 2024 Presidential Election, as Democrats know they won’t beat Trump with Dominion machines this time.


No Easy days!–The only easy day was yesterday!
Stay Frosty!

Where We Go 1 We Go All


We all know that there is one way out. There will be NO elections in Nov. It’s all out there, everyone sees what is going to happen.


I don’t get that. Aren’t the elections the result of what (who) the people want; not the result of what is to come. I don’t think politicians can do anything but what the people want. It is not like politicians are rulers in America. I think there is a communication breakdown and I am just now noticing it. I don’t see what elections have to do with it. Elections are a competition between two men. I don’t think they have much affect on the country. They are the result of who the people want to be president.
What I am asking is are the ideals a person stands for more important than who the president is? Is it better to promote ideals than what a president says he stands for to get elected.

I just don’t know what to say to that Robert… For the first time in my life I am at a loss for words.

Unless you didn’t heed my advice and forgot to utilize the word ‘sarc’ or a sh** ton of laughing ‘emoji’s’ again…

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I think I am letting my emotions control me.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:Thanks, your a big help. Praise God. I am too lazy for emoji’s. I think I am being spiritual and logical at the same time and they don’t mix.
I think I figured it out; spiritual is logical but logical isn’t spiritual. I don’t know what emoji to use.

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I guess what I am saying is it more important that we vote than who we vote for? Is it more important how we run the race than winning the race? Is this your prediction or is it something off the top of your head/spiritial? Do you have another way to explain it?

Have you looked out a window lately? This fool has more than affected this country, he literally infected the country with DEI, Hamas, CCP, COVID, mRNA, MS13, fentanyl and a weaponized, broken, justice system! Anything more and we’ll become the sh/thole everyone is running “from”. After we turn to crap, there’s no place left to run!

Under NO circumstances did I have anything to do with the schmuck pedohpile in the Oval Office. Any more time in office and he will decimate western civilization and its philosophy!


Too Late

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So do you want to rely on them to pull us out of this sh#t hole mess we are in. It is up to us. We have to work harder than ever to convince people to do better. The only ones we can rely on is ourselves. I hope you didn’t vote so you wouldn’t be the one to blame or someone to complain about.
What I don’t get is why people think it is the president’s fault and not the people that support him. That is who we have to understand and convince to take the right path. We are not going to do it by calling them names. Keep your friends close and you enemies closer. We are not going to do it by hardening our hearts against them but by softening our hearts to soften theirs.

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This isn’t about you Sir robert
But it’s in response to what you asked. Remember that.

Resident Evil (FJB) DID THIS! Willingly, on purpose, He and his family took the (30) pieces of Silver from the Devil himself. It is a planned destruction of our country and all we hold dear. A massive undertaking by the New World Order and Evil Incarnate Klaus Schwab and his Billionaire cronies for the purpose of
Holocaust style eradication of a certain Demographic (us) and changing the system of Freedom and justice for all to Mass Slavery. The White people and every FREEDOM loving soul in this country will either be killed or silenced. The New Breed will be the Migrants. Granted Citizenship they will move into the deads homes and be a slave to their new Masters.
The Chinese (and lord knows who else) will set up shop here and it will be a new Annex like Taiwan.
America will cease to exist. You might as well name this plot of land something else.

THEY put us here. Why would they pull us out?
Where We Go 1 We Go All
Or we all go out in body bags in a Mass Extinction Event!

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I don’t take anything personally. I don’t know what causes me to post the things I do. The words are in my head so I put them on my screen. I hope no one takes them too seriously. Sometimes there is emotion or rational thought behind them but hey, sera sera. What will be will be.
FEATOER - for every action there’s an opposite and equal reaction.
What I do to you I do to myself.
We/Jews have a prayer we say in service.
“That which is hateful to you do not do to another person. That is the whole of Torah. The rest is commentary.”

Martial law or an emergency. Something will happen to pushback elections indefinitely.

Not “sarc”

It’s all they have left.


Who are they if they are not us? I think they are going to find out who we are pretty quick.

TRUTH Brother Craig, They have no one else to put up, Newsuience? Kalmaalalalalaalalala? I don’t think so Puddin’ will die in office, then they have to ‘delay’ Mass causality Event, Keep the citizens in FEAR. Maybe a Migrant activation? as you just said what’s a Few Thousand suicidal Migrants for their cause?
Cornered RATS still fight and bite!


The only way I can justify @Craig9 ‘s statement is if he meant- NOT. “sarc”. But then you are the Big Bad Wolf so what would you know¿:rofl:
Unless someone is depressed then we are hear to lift your spirit.