The Home Raids for Guns Have Begun...In New Zeland

There’s nothing I can post on here that is going to tell SOMEbody with a list things they don’t already know. I’m not taking stuff down because they already know. Being active about teaching, moderating here, educating people online and in person, and having bought firearms through “normal” channels with an FFL are actions that are incompatible with being “gray man”. If I’m in it… well guess what, I’m in it. And that’s been true for decades. What comes will come and deleting my posts here won’t change that one wit.


That story was crazy! The intimidation tactics and harassment… You would think they were going after illegal arms dealers or somebody actually dangerous. I agree with @Zee. I’m in it now, no turning back. I believe this platform is a cool idea and a space for like-minded individuals (even though we’re different) to trade knowledge & experience. I have learned from yall! But, I know how this story ends so Hakuna Matata :lion::v:t5:


I agree, but still I keep a lower profile. Not posting pictures of my inventory, not talking about other parts of the hobby I indulge in, not posting on FB some giant rare animal I have legal killed in a hunt (never anything other than WTdeer and hogs anyway, but I read those articles where someone has and all it does is enrage the bomb throwers).

So, I’m editing this as I was thinking more about it. Not that this will ever happen here, but what if LE came to your house to confiscate all your firearms. Right now the only way this legal can be done is via some of the Red Flag laws. I’d let them take what is in plain site, as I wouldn’t have a choice, but that’s it. No opening safes or caches or boxes or cars or mules or whatever. A funny note, every now and then I find something that I put somewhere in the past and didn’t remember putting it there.

I’m not going to go down in a blaze of glory to make a point. I have a family and some nice stuff. I don’t want to lose these. There are other ways to fight back, later.


All I’ll say is I don’t own a firearm over 10 years old, I don’t like old guns so I sold them, kept the paperwork for 10 years, and then started the fireplace with it. Believe it or not says … …



Nothing wrong with dry humor!

I’m usually the only one who has it! It’s good to know I’m not alone!!


You’re right! It’s a hit on free speech!


That’s EXACTLY what they are hoping for! COMPLIANCE. Think Germany under Hitler!


This is funny Randall318! Last Sunday I got reprimanded by a church deacon and an elder because of a comment made at a meeting that most thought was very funny. It seems a couple of people in attendance didn’t think my joke was appropriate and complained to the minister and the board. Guess I need to keep my mouth shut.



Even though we’re discussing a “joke” keep in mind that the “religious” leaders did not like some of Jesus’ comments neither.

HOWEVER, I have been convicted about keeping my mouth shut and listen to people instead of giving my two cents ^^^^^^ Kind of like I just did. IGNORE my statement above and I’ll just quote God’s word.

Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble.” (Prov. 21.23)