New Zealand 2.0

It was such a nice place when I visited in '05. If someone wanted to take over an island for a nice place to live, that gal is doing most of the work for you…

After this campaign, there will be “Knives take lives” confiscation.


And the democrats keep saying that America should follow and do what New Zealand had and is doing with gun confiscation. Well if they did they’d have to get rid of the SECOND AMENDMENT. And in order to do it they would have to GET 2/3 OF STATES TO RATIFY IT FOR IT TO HAPPEN. And this is what is needed to make ANY AMENDMENT BECOME LAW. 2/3 OF STATES NEED TO RATIFY ANY AMENDMENT. And I really think that the democrats FORGET THIS ONE THING.

Just start practicing your new language. Comrades, it’s time to get on board.

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Why can’t people who want to live like that just move to those places?


They keep promising to move out of the country every time the opposing party is elected, but I have yet to see only a handful move, and they still won’t shut up.