Guns in the News: New Zealand An Unarmed Nation | USCCA

A few years ago I backpacked around New Zealand. New Zealanders share some similarities with Americans, but firearms ownership is not one of them. The residents of this Pacific island country are slowly being stripped of their right to bear arms, something that it is easy for us Americans here in the United States to take for granted.

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I have no doubt this will come to America. “What about the children?”


There is a reason there is only one amendment in the Bill of Rights that says “will not be infringed.”
Once they do away with the right to keep and bear arms, all of the other ones are at risk as well.
I sincerely hope that our government will not decide to do anything that egregious. At least in my lifetime.


I feel through social engineering, just like people like wearing masks now, the people will demand firearms be done with.


Agreed, and that may truly start before we know it. Biden talked about it some and his gun platform is quite clear.

If he decides to go after the guns first, we will know. God help us.


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