NZ Bans Semi Automatic Weapons

Ben Shapiro discussed New Zealand’s new gun bans on the sale of semi-automatic weapons on his show today (3/21/19).

The line he said that got to me was: “So obviously, more gun laws will certainly prevent this sort of thing in the future considering this guy was already violating current gun laws…”

How do we get anti-gun people to understand that guns aren’t the problem? People who commit these heinous crimes will do so if guns are illegal or not - and murder is already illegal. The only people additional gun laws affect are law-abiding people.

What are your thoughts?

(Please remember we’re talking about anti-gun people, not a complete political party or everyone who has some liberal views.)


I think if you point out the lack of common sense or thought that is in their statements, in a polite way, it might help. I’ve said things to people where they’ve actually stopped talking, and ponder what I said.

My favorite is when I say “How do shootings happen in gun free zones? Aren’t they supposed to be gun free?” Sometimes they’ll reply that I make a good point, other times they’ll reply in a way that still makes my point, that the shooter doesn’t care what the laws are. Right, so why keep making more?


Sadly, as with a child, you have to be patient. The only way that I have been able to enlighten anyone about guns, is a one on one private conversation. You have to understand their fears and honestly try to dissuade those fears by examples . For many though, they have been so firmly indoctrinated against guns, that nothing you say will change their minds. The issue is similar to politics and religion, almost impossible to change some ones mind.

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My technique is to very subtly but persistently invite them to the gun range, my treat. I’ve converted a number of folks that way. When they see how much trouble most people go to for safety, and how rewarding it is to get over that fear, it turns them into the best 2A advocates.

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@LarryMcHaha Definitely. I’m sure you also know who to not even bother trying to have an intelligent conversation with in regards to guns. Those people I honestly don’t even waste my time or energy on, mainly because they become argumentative two words into it.

If they dont understand it now, they are highly likely to never understand it.

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I understand the “kid glove” approach. But if we’re gonna be honest about it, at least as Americans and our bill of rights and constitution. There needs to be a hard line where it’s no longer a negotiation for our rights. Not just the second but ALL of them. Once people realize that there is a line they will quit pushing it. It’s no different than raising kids. I’m not comparing any group to children just as a general comparison.

I’m very open to having any firearm conversation with anyone and would enjoy introducing someone to firearms on my dime. But when it comes to restricting or “sensible regulations” of our rights the conversation will be short.

I should note that I support anyone’s right to live their life however they wish, regardless of my religious or political views, but I will never agree with controlling those rights.


I agree. I’ve had this same conversation with some fellow gun owners who have said something to the effect of “I don’t have a problem with giving up_______, I don’t know what the big deal is. Does anyone really even need one of those?” I point out that their type of thinking is exactly why we’re in the situation we’re in as gun owners, many issues which even they complain about; magazine capacity limits, only certain types of guns that make a “compliant” list in Massachusetts, confusing gun laws for legal gun owners, “may issue” instead of shall issue, etc.

Unfortunately it has gotten beyond the point where we have to draw a very distinct, hard line. Those who are fighting to further restrict our rights, or just outright take them away, have proven that there is no negotiating with them. They say all they want is one thing, it gets agreed upon, then they claim it isn’t enough and want more. The rules continuously change for them, getting made up as they go along.

If it’s all or nothing with them, then it should be all or nothing for us.


People give in because they are afraid of the backlash of being accused of the typical intolerance or whatever the word of the day is.

I guess I’ve hit a point where I embrace the fact that yes I am 100% intolerant of peoples rights being controlled, regulated, registered, or removed.

The best thing I’ve read of FB since this community was started ( its replaced FB for me) is someone said FACTS BEFORE FEELINGS, we need to get back to that. Horrible and tragic things have happened and everyone uses their feelings to try to fix it. Instead of mourning and thinking logically for a real solution


@Kerryman71 and @Sheepdog556 You both make excellent points! (:heart: that the Community has replace FB for you, Sheepdog!)

One way I’ve gotten the gun control conversation to hit home for someone who isn’t a gun person is discuss the eroding of freedoms - related to something they like.

For example - I love to be the passenger on the bike (getting my motorcycle license in a few weeks). For those who like motorcycles but don’t like guns (not many), I compare gun regulations to motorcycle regulations.

  • You want to ride a motorcycle? You have to wear a helmet.
  • Someone gets into a motorcycle accident? All new motorcycles cannot go over 65.
  • A motorcyclist gets hit on the freeway? Motorcycles are no longer allowed on the freeway.

Why? It’s for your own good and the good of everyone else.

Relate it to something else and they will see how your rights are eroded. And once they do it with guns, they’ll take on your freedom of speech or your right to due process…

Does this remind anyone else of Nazi Germany or cold war Russia?


Right. I love when people tell everyone that they shouldn’t make personal decisions while their emotions are running high, but have no problem with actual laws or rulings being made, while emotions are running high!!

I think another reason behind it is people don’t care about someone else’s rights if it’s something they think it doesn’t affect them. They don’t realize that eventually they’ll get to them to take away something they want, and either there will be no way to defend that, or people just won’t give a damn about what they want.

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@Dawn Most people have no clue about the meaning behind the Second Amendment. How often do you hear someone ask why someone would need a certain type of firearm just for hunting? I point out that the Second Amendment wasn’t written to ensure hunters rights.

The same people who are for gun control truly are confused. On the one hand, they don’t trust the current administration in the White House, believe that it’s a dictatorship and claim that they’re Nazis or fascists, and on the other hand want to take away any means of defending themselves if those claims were ever true, and want to do it in the same way Nazis and fascists would do it!


Those who don’t value our history are doomed to repeat it. :frowning:


I think the best way to completely do away with the gun control talk is to have President Trump get on board with it 100%. Use a little reverse psychology. Those who are all for it would then fight against it tooth and nail.

Hell, we’d probably go to national reciprocity, maybe even Constitutional carry nationwide with every household given an AR15. :smile:


I compare guns to cars. When the anti-gunners use the “you have a license to drive a car” they have opened Pandora’s box with me.
Yes, I’m licensed to drive a car. I can drive it in all 50 states unrestricted. I can drive it to the park, on a college campus, to the grade school, a hospital, a courthouse, even into the parking lot of a prison or nuclear facility. If your drivers license was regulated the way my guns are, you would need 15 drivers licenses, and would have to walk 1/2 the places you go to.


Don’t forget that under their thinking, you’d have to go to the DMV and conduct a transfer with a fee anytime you wanted to let someone else drive it, then go back and do the same when they’re done.


Yes, please!! I’d take a new AR15!

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Driving isn’t a right spelled out in the United States Constitution either…

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These type of laws and restrictions only create more victims since only criminals have the weapons.

Those willing to listen have a better understanding and can’t believe the lies, and misrepresentation they’ve been having been told and the basis as their understanding.

Diehards who plug their ears and make nah nah nah noises talking over me are a lost cause and unfortunately the squeaky wheels.

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