The Greatest Generation

Did you ever wonder what made them so great?
Consider that at the start of WW2 we were an extremely polarized nation.
Communists and fascists were politically entrenched on the national scene, labor unions weren’t above
outright hooliganism and management was certainly no better. Much of the country and the entire military was segregated, with Jim Crow laws and Red Lining being commonplace.
Mostly, only the wealthiest could afford a college education and Native Americans were prevented from learning their own native languages and culture.
Jews, Asians, Hispanics and other immigrants were discriminated against as well.
Today’s Gen Zs would have said they’ve no skin in the game, much less the fortitude to defend their homeland.
And yet, when America was attacked, our great grandfathers pulled together for the common defense, and won!
That’s pretty great if you ask me.

Right now, we’re an incredibly polarized country. Pure unabashed hatred shows itself in many corners of society and I fear we’re in danger of being involved in another two front world war before too long.
I wonder if the current generation can be great like the earlier generation of 80 years ago?
They’ll have to be if we’re going to survive.


Nothing against my grandparents or their generation, but I think the WWII era has been highly romanticized by pop historians. We look at the big picture and see vast armies locked in a global war between good and evil. We forget that they everyone alive during that time were real people who had real problems, just like everyone else.

Definitely NOT counting on it!

If they can’t tell which bathroom use, how will they distinguish who the enemy is or which way to point the muzzle!

If they don’t believe in it they won’t fight for it, but they will, bitch about the trophy they think they deserve! I’ll be long gone, by the time they figure out what freedom means and most of all, COSTS!
They get what they deserve! It takes real men to fight for a country!

If it ain’t on Google, Instagram or Facebook, the nation will be toast!

Look at Ukraine, they are not fighting for a free country, they are awaiting the cavalry to come from the greatest country on earth! Sorry, that greatness has been lost, thanks to Brandon et al.
Maybe more Ukrainians needed the freedom to own guns! Good luck!

Send this generation over to Ukraine, don’t give them a gun and let them win freedom! Let them take a knee! I’ll buy that for a dollar! Might even enjoy a Bud Light, at their expense, of course!

This will be known as the “fools generation”, not X, Z or Millennial. Fools!


WWII was just a continuation of WWI, arising largely from the chaos in Germany (hyperinflation ignited by WWI reparations and the subsequent rise of fascism) and Russia (the Russian Revolution that replaced the Czar with Stalin and Lenin and communism, a flavor of fascism). Both Germany and Russia were governed by a totalitarian “cult of personality.”


Can’t wait to see what happens from the Civil war reparations! Hope this generation is proud of themselves when they start eating from the dumpster! That’s the ticket, I’ll call them the “Dumpster Generation”!


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