The FieldCraft Survival Channel-I am NOT a terrorist

I found this very interesting.


I saw it few days ago… my first thought was: We hate communism… but we actually have it here in our own soil.
Another good guy betrayed by his own Government he worked for. :zipper_mouth_face: :expressionless:

The bad thing → it has happened, it is the true fact.
The good thing → it happened to Mike Glover… he won’t leave it like this, he will fight for himself, his Family and Community !

He told a lot words that may hurt some people, but every single word was a true.
That’s going to be a tough fight, but there is no easy fights these days.
I fully support Him and his Organization.


Truth = Terrorism
Hitler did the same!
We’ve past the point of no return.

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Yes Mike Glover is one of the best of the good guys :us: :us: :us: