The Cop Shot the Kid - Was absolutely wrong - But got away with it

The bodyCam footage that came out right after this occurred was frightening. This cop was terrified, going into the alley chasing the kid.
the video made it look even worse than our worthless P.O.S. DA makes it sound.



You know @Mike164, the Better Business Bureau’s of the States around Utah should be paying you a sponsorship fee. You have single handedly convinced me to NEVER go to Utah. :joy::rofl:


I hate to be that guy but really, if you listen to the Democrat Mayor or her lap dog Chief of Police you’d think it’s still the land of zion, in the mean time we mere mortals get to navigate the everyday society their ideologies leave us with.

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OK, I Know, I’m not painting a real Rosy Picture here but last night…

I can see where the first incident happened out of the window (stabbing near 60 West Market Street)
with in 5 blocks of my house (vandalism in progress near 300 East and 400 South)
With in 4 blocks of our place ( gunshots being fired to the south of them, near the Public Safety Building)
This is really close to where the “Unhoused Citizen” attacked the older guy with a pipe.

So, Yea, Downtown Salt Lake is really stiving to be one of the top tier Left Wing Failures in The United States.


Salt Lake City:
Hold My Beer!

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OK maybe going for second place.

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Nah, SLC has a ways to catch up.
CNN has proof