The best 7 minutes of gun control speech


Every Democrat candidate in the 2020 presidential race is in support of more tyrannical draconian meaninglessness laws at both the Federal level. At the state level state legislature’s want to limit if not steal our firearms, it’s not about guns anymore in my opinion it’s about the hatred of Donald Trump and eviscerating the Bill of Rights


It’s not just your opinion…it’s fact.


Yupper Sir

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Gun Control is GREAT.

We all need more Gun Control.

Gun Control = Hit What You Aim At



I’ve seen this video before. And I also just posted it to my Facebook timeline as well. And it is correct in what it said happened at the end of it. Yet the democrats and ANTI-GUN PEOPLE/GROUPS just refuse to understand it. But our FOUNDING FATHERS DID. And that is why they WROTE THE 2A.

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Interesting stuff.

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