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Curious as to what the 2020 Democratic Party Platform’s stance is on guns? Well, a copy of the document is online. A special section on “Ending the Epidemic of Gun Violence” (Pages 47-48) enables readers to view the party’s viewpoints. Here’s a breakdown of what it says and the validity of each statement.

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Yes, 100% to all of those arguments against “gun control”. The Democratic Party began when those that believed in slavery split from the rest of Democratic Republican Party that believed in abolishing slavery. One of the factors cited in the Dred Scott decision was that free blacks could own firearms. After the Civil War, the Democrats passed the “Jim Crow” laws that prevented blacks from voting and owning firearms. Now, today, they are still involved in “gun control” that affects minorities and the poor the most. Look at the states that have exorbitant fees on transfers and licensing. Who, but the more affluent can most readily afford that?

If the Democratic politicians believe in equality, should they not support a program that provides free firearm safety, range time and firearms to those most in need of that? The poor that live in the crime-ridden areas are most in need of the ability to protect themselves and their families. Provide them that ability. That is a program I would gladly support. After that, repeal the laws that infringe on our RKBA that “shall not be infringed”.