Would Founding Fathers Favor Gun Control? Not a Chance


If you asked a founding father about gun control, you would probably be shot on the spot for treason!
I don’t think they messed around in those days!
Give me Liberty or Give me Death, doesn’t exactly sound like gun control!

I recommend this generation buy a set of knee pads and brush up on their mandarin!


The generation that doesn’t know which restroom to use and couldn’t give change for a dollar without Alexa’s help?


Much of what they said in their day, in my opinion, was due to the fact that they understood human nature. They Knew that in the form of government that they establish there would be those that would strive to tyranny. They knew that peaceful peace loving citizens could be trusted to defend themselves. Human nature hasn’t changed, there are those in government that would like nothing more than to disarm the citizens then make laws that say they can come to your home and take you or your kids away with no due process. They knew men could not be trusted with the power given to them.


They wouldn’t understand the current idiot. Unfortunately we didn’t see him coming! ( the epitome of tyranny ) They would have dismantled him quicker than you can say, infringed! They would consider him an abomination!

They did put laws in the constitution just for Joe! They wrote and I quote.
Whenever Joe Biden becomes destructive to these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or Abolish him! You know the thing…

Right from the very beginning, I think they saw Joe coming. They were counting on us to set things right. I’m sorry I let them down. It wasn’t until now that I feel the connection, I mean really feel the connection, between their time and ours!


We don’t come close to this caliber of people! Not 1/10th!


I really feel it. We just have different ideas about what to do about it.

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Absolutely…some get the job done by executing their decisions while others, well.


This is our current administration on a good day!


Which ones Kamala and which one’s Joe¿


It is idiotic to argue one would change his or her position nearly 250 years later. What the Founding Fathers said is what they meant and not open to modern re-interpretation or manipulation.


They couldn’t they have known it would be like this now. Which makes me think it was like this always.


When I was a kid in elementary school one of my teachers had a big poster of that painting on the wall. I’d sit and stare at their faces when I was bored with what the teacher was saying, and imagine what they went through forming our nation. I bet it’s impossible to find patriotic, historical imagery like that now days in any school. Of course, we also stood for the pledge every day and sang “My Country Tis of Thee”

When we stopped teaching our kids to appreciate their great homeland, and let them believe that all ideas and thoughts are equal and acceptable, and right and wrong are all relative, we did them a huge disservice that I hope the country can someday recover from.


Well SCOTUS has been interpreting and in some cases re-interpreting and even manipulating the Constitution since shortly after the ink dried.

But the only truly legal way to change the Constitution is through the Amendment process. If the anti self defense folks want to end or restrict everyone’s right to keep and bear arms then they need to get a new amendment passed and get the majority of States to ratify it. All their current efforts are just blatant violations of the Bill of Rights.


I watch too much TV and I pay attention to the details.
I can tell you, whenever the sitcoms or procedural dramas aired, you would ALWAY see a photo of the current President, Reagan was all over, Clinton, Bush x2, Obama ( way too much )! You can’t find a single image of Trump in anything, anywhere! As a matter of fact, I propose a challenge, name one movie or television show that represented the former President in a good light! Post the image!


Note that all of the quotes in the article by the Founders relate to the necessity of an armed citizenry to prevent government abuses and/or changing government. The right to keep and bear arms for the Founders was not to provide a means of defense against common criminals or hunting (as is often asserted), but rather, criminal acts of government.

The Founders expressed the right of the governed to change government in the opening lines of the Declaration of Independence …

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.

Exercising the right to alter or abolish a government that no longer enjoys the consent of the governed really is not possible for a disarmed public. The Founders would probably say that the right to keep and bear arms was never about individual protection from criminals, supplying a militia or hunting. The right was/is always about preserving the governed’s ability to change an abusing government.


The Biden White House can executive order its way to anything, it may be a blatant violation ( everything he’s done so far is a blatant violation ), but all he has to do is sign an order and voila, and what are we going to do about it, a big fat NOTHING, he knows it and I know it.
However with gun sales at an all time high, I wouldn’t call our bluff either!


When have you NOT seen a criminal act during this administration :question:
That’s all he’s been doing!


I did say legal way. I personally believe executive orders are unconstitutional since it is Congress that is supposed to make the laws not the President. Unfortunately SCOTUS does not seem to agree with my opinion. Guess I just don’t understand the english language very well.


I don’t think we understand anything anymore! We’re so far off the rails, can’t tell which way is up!


However, Jefferson stated that even without the protection of the RKBA, it is an inalienable right that all have that government cannot take from us.


And that’s the way they want us Brother.
They want dissention amongst us
They want to Install TOTAL control
They are blaming Trump for THEIR recent actions.
If they get their way Scott then you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!
Tyranny runs deep in this Corrupt INSTALLED Administration
If given the chance (and we are giving them that chance)
The United States of America will cease to exist!
We will be the next version of the ‘People republic of Amerika’
Soldiers patrolling our streets, work camps, Detention centers etc
Hochul, NYC (WANTS to be able to take people out of their homes for RE-EDUCATION)
“Mean Tweets”? anybody remember that recent one?
I may not be at the front of the battle Lines today but just try that w/ me.
Blue states are getting uninhabitable now with their planned destruction.
2,516 NYPD Offices have left the ranks in 2023 alone, They saw the writing on the wall
and got out. Kicking WHITE people out of Senior homes so Migrants can be INSTALLED.

No step on Snek