The Bag Sent Packing … and the 5.11 RUSH24 Backpack | USCCA

I’m usually pretty good at making smart purchasing decisions. I like to do research before I buy. I love to compare and contrast various options. And I’ve definitely learned my lesson about passing over a more expensive (but higher quality) item and buying something that’s not quite as good. Then I have to spend even more money in the long run because I end up having to buy the better-quality item after all.

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Have you tried 5.11’s grab-and-go RUSH24 backpack?

What’s your favorite go-bag backpack?

My favorite is my large MOLLE ruck, but that’s because I’ve head so much time to adjust it to my body. I think I could hump a small car in it.

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Yes! the Rush 24 is my go to pack. It has lots of space , pockets and separations inside. It also has a nice amount of pockets outside. It sits well on your back.

Like my box of rejected holsters, I have a box of rejected backpacks as well. Not the 511 Rush, love it.

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I just looked it up and it does look nice.
Oof, they’re going to make you pay for that multicam pattern, aren’t they?